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  1. I have the lenses available for the knee knocker tachs and console tachs and also the BUICK face plate decal and 6k and 7k rpm gauge scale decals. Prices are $14.50 for the decals, knee knocker lens $14.50 and the console tach lens $25 price includes shipping. If interested please contact me
  2. That doesn't look good, mine works very smoothly like it should.
  3. I have this shifter available which I believe is for 65
  4. Sorry for the delay in posting pics and replying to this, location is BC, Canada but I ship anywhere. I can take more pics if these are what you are looking for. Thanks Gary
  5. I have a set of the turbine spoked hubcaps for the mid 60's Riv's, they have the "R" short spinner center cap. I can post pic's if anyone is interested in seeing them. Open to offers upon posting pics.
  6. All the items shown have been sold, I only have the glove box compartment lid and inside lid box left. I can post pics if interested.
  7. 65 Wildcat console with working tach and shifter, this has been in storage for 25-30 and came out of a convertible. I had the housing bezel around the tach replated because it was in sad shape, it turned out ok but because of the condition of it before it was plated it does have some imperfections. No cracks or breaks in the base and the chrome strips along the top are in nice shape, tach does work but seems to hesitate a bit when I had it hooked up to my car, may be just from sitting and needs a nice cleaning and some lubricant. Shifter setup was cleaned and painted and there is also the cour
  8. 64 Wildcat console and 2 speed shifter setup, the console chrome is in very nice condition and so is the black housing that it sits in, shifter bezel and indicator lens is clean and clear. Carpet was given a black carpet spray to freshen up the slight faded areas. Shifter setup is all there as well as the wiring harness for both trans and courtesy lights. $375 plus shipping. Super nice setup that needs a new home. Any questions please contact me.
  9. The steering wheel has been sold to Piot, I do have other 65 Wildcat parts available if anyone is interested just pm me and I'll see if I have it.
  10. 65 Wildcat steering wheel with the horn bar only, no other parts included. Overall condition of the wheel is very good with only one small crack on the right hand underside bar near the middle, there are some small nicks or marks around the wheel as well, all of the grips look good. Still has a nice black shine to it for it's age and the 2 gold lines are pretty decent as well. The horn bar for the most part looks good but it does have some small pitting in the lower chrome area, but overall still nice looking. This may fit other years or models but I'm not sure so it's being posted as a 65. I
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