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  1. Is there a readily available grease that is best to use to grease a water pump on a 1935 Ford?
  2. Jay the car looks great. Hope you enjoy it. Ken
  3. The car was in PA near Pittsburgh, but the brother of the deceased owner lives in Ohio and it was listed on a Craigslist from Ohio. It is a very solid car that has only been driven 7,000 miles since the engine was rebuilt in 1959. It has 83,000 miles on it now. It was repainted once and it wasn't sanded or primer applied at that time so the paint is now flaking off making it look a little ugly. This is a picture as found and non running for at least 10 years.
  4. I purchased a 1940 President last fall and got into drivable condition. The upholstery had two sets of seat covers on and I was expecting to have them reupholstered this summer. I removed the covers and found that the first set of covers probably had been on the car since new. There are some small defects but I like them the way they are for now. I tried to attach a picture that I hope works. Ken
  5. Jay, Sorry that you got the Studebaker disease. We may have a similar virus. We're suckers for cars that need us. If you get the frame straightened out I may have a few parts to help you out. The seat belts are original style that the factory used and maybe factory.
  6. Jay, I have the rear windshield in my garage. If you still need it I can bring it to York meet as I still intend to go Ken
  7. Jay, I hope I left you my contact information in the private message area. if not let me know and I'll try and do a better job. The key in your picture is for a locking gas cap. It maybe for a Studebaker accessory locking cap. It matches the appearance of the locking cap on my car. Ken
  8. Jay, I'm planning on going to York on Saturday of the meet. If you're going to be there that day I can bring it along. Otherwise just give me 3-4 days notice and I can usually make it available for you to pick up. Ken
  9. Jay, I was at the farm today and the rear window is still in the rafters where I put it 40 years ago. I wasn't dressed to move it or had a vehicle that could carry it so it still there. Let me know when you will be coming for it and I will get it down and bring it to my home in Indiana, Pa. There are some other pieces of the car there such as right side doors, dashboard and ?. let me know if you have any other needs. Ken
  10. Jay, The window is yours if it is still there and good condition. I'll try and check it out over the Christmas holiday and will let you know for sure if it's available. A shop manual and a parts manual are good to have and are available from Studebaker International and other vendors at a reasonable price. Studebakers are not that complex but do have some differences that you'll need to know about. A catalog from Studebaker International is handy to have to know what's available parts wise and their cost. Ken
  11. If you don't find one closer there maybe one at the family farm. I put one in the machine shed rafters 35 years ago and it may still be there. I would have to go 60miles to look but I can make the trip in the next couple of weeks if needed. I'm located in the Pittsburgh area. Cost for the glass would be free; gas to go and look (and if it is still there and you want it) is $20) There maybe some other parts such as rear doors, dashboard and ??. Yours for scrap metal prices if you want them. Ken