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  1. I decided not to keep the wire wheels that came with a parts car I bought. They are real Dayton wire wheels with center caps. One of the center caps is broken and will need to be replaced. (Dayton still sells them) they are bolt on not knock-offs. I'm selling all 4 with center caps for $400.00. Im located in Clearwater, Fl.
  2. I think I might be selling my 1990 pretty soon. I will let everyone know when its posted.
  3. I live in Clearwater, Fl and have accumulated a small stock pile.
  4. Does anyone know if Dayton wire wheels were a dealer installed option? I bought a parts car with a set and the center caps look really authentic with the chrysler/maserati emblem. I will try to post pics this week.
  5. No I don't have a business. Email me markbalvin@yahoo.com with your address and I will see how much shipping is and I will send you pics
  6. Make me an offer on the window. The stereo and black dash part are already gone
  7. I have a 2.5 turbo motor that needs a coil and wires from an 89 TC auto trans.
  8. That one can be restored. I probably have all the parts. To bad it's in CA
  9. Email me with what you need. I will send you a pic if I have it.
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