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  1. We successfully pushed a 55 Chevy off a trailer into a dead end long enough for it to stop. I am pretty sure @JACK Mwas behind that idea.

    Just don’t ask him to get a non running Jeepster onto a trailer unless you take a Xanax first. 😂 (You will have to ask him about that story, but it did end just fine for the car. I got a few gray hairs out of it though). 

  2. 4 hours ago, TAKerry said:

    And they may be all from the same tree!

    Very likely. Redwoods grow over 200’ high. They are probably 40’ cuts x 6 for 240’ total. 

    The loads I see today are closer to this picture. 

    I remember when I was young and saw really big logs on trucks, people jokingly called them “Oregon toothpicks”. 


  3. 34 minutes ago, Laura S said:

    The Log hauler looks like a Hayes our Pacific . Not 100% sure . They use a water spray system on the brakes so they do not heat up too much and lose the brakes . There are small upright steel posts holding the logs then chained down to the truck . The drivers who drove them had no fear . 

    I live in Oregon and see log trucks with the steel posts often. They don’t stack them this high anymore though. Interesting about the water on the breaks. Thanks for the info. 

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  4. 12 hours ago, John348 said:

     I can't seem to figure out how to imbed the you-tube video into my post, I am sure it is simple, the best I can do is the link.



    It gives the option to me automatically. I’d guess either your OS or your browser needs updating in order for it to work. Links work also. 

  5. 7 hours ago, John348 said:


    In my curiosity of California in the 50's and 60's I came upon this video of Hollywood Blvd in 1957. again high quality production for an amateur it has a soundtrack, and also a near collision with a blue 1957 T-Bird at the 3:47 mark. some real great cars, in this one as well



    That is a great video John. Thanks for posting. What is with these guys nearly running into other cars while taping? 😂

  6. 5 hours ago, JamesR said:


    Must've been a pretty conspicuous camera taking the footage. Seems as if it was mounted on the front of the car rather than inside.

    It looks that way and the Facebook version ends with this car running a red light and almost crashing into another car. Then I went back and realized he ran others also. 

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  7. My father was born in 1935 and his father left the family when he was about 5. He had 2 older sisters and a younger sister and brother, so he was “the man of the house”. They were poor but my grandmother did have her own house. He helped support the family with a paper route and other odd jobs at a very young age. Then fixing old cars up, starting at around 15 years old. He continued to fix up cars and collect them for extra money his entire life. 

    He was always very frugal and I remember thinking we were poor and bringing home an application for free and reduced lunch once, (we almost never were allowed hot lunch), which made him very angry. We lived in a huge home and had 6 or 7 mint condition Corvettes in the barn, plus several other cars, but he’d complain about how much toilet paper we used, lights left on and how often us girls used the hair dryer, so I honestly had no idea of our financial status. He was very private about it. When I cleaned out his garages, I found paperwork that he was earning well over six figures during those times. 

    He still had a metal scrap pile in one of his garages, even though the price of scrap was very low. He also had an old metal coffee can in his office with duct tape that said “50 Ford”, a project he was working on at that time. (I saved that can, a testament to some of the silly things I just couldn’t throw away and are in boxes I still can go through). He had always saved all his loose change, which he was collecting in the can. He had several complete collections of state quarters. The time it takes to do that baffles me. They are not worth more, even as full sets. I was always taught to respect money and fold all my bills facing the same way, to reuse items and to repair things and not just throw them away.  

    Looking back now, it makes sense, but at the times it seemed to me to be excessive. 

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  8. On 11/9/2019 at 8:53 PM, C Carl said:

    Tough to find pictures I have not already posted. Harder yet with me in them. I think the one in Solvang, CA with the '27 has been on forum already. Those with the '24 in Seattle are new.


    As most know, and certainly some do not, I have had the '24 for 30 years, the '27 for 6. They are unrestored originals, though the '24 was repainted decades before I bought it. The old Cadillacs run quite well, and I feel very lucky to still be able to drive them. Lucky also to have found the '24 on the other side of the country in Hemmings after looking for only about 3 years. I am picky, and originality is important to me. I call the '24 the "Summer Car". The closed sedan, the"Winter Car " took a search of over 20 years to find. Craigslist, just under 200 miles from me. This one has not been repainted, and true to its purpose, has an extremely effective factory heater. It is of the exhaust heat exchanger type, and set the original owner back about $40, perhaps equivalent of around $800 in 2019 bucks. I do particularly love  Nickel Era cars, and again, luck is on my side. I can have the two complimentary Cads for the price of one, had they been just a few years newer, or if, older, back in the Brass Era.   -    Cadillac Carl 






    I thought it would be nice to share this quote from Carl, in his memory. I’m sure he’s seeing lots of old car buddies and riding Cadillacs in the sky. 👍

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  9. I have so many members to thank for helping me deal with my father’s estate. Some helped in person, some helped online and many messaged me directly with encouragement and supportive words.

    I would not dare to start a list because I know I’d leave someone out by mistake, and I sincerely don’t want to risk that. I am certain that you know who you are and I’m very grateful to all of you. Thank you! 🤗

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  10. I’m so sorry to hear this news. Carl reached out to me with several private message conversations since I became a member of this forum and he was always helpful and a genuinely nice man. 

    Mick, I sure hope you are able to locate his car quickly. Sending my thoughts and prayers to you and your family. 

  11. On 5/26/2021 at 1:06 PM, jrbartlett said:

    Take out insurance on the car as soon as you buy it and before it's shipped. 


    I just used Passport to ship a high-value car and there were no issues. See Matt Harwood's advice above.


    By the way, a Stanley sedan does have some sort of fabric on the roof -- full one-piece steel roofs did not come along until later. 

    Check with your insurer, but most don’t cover a car during shipping. 

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