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  1. Y’all know I have a pink car, and you’re right Matt, people love it. It wins a lot of awards and always has a crowd around it at shows. People love the color. You might say, but you’re a girl! Well my dad wasn’t, and it was his. He did love unique, attention getting cars though, just like this one! Beautiful Lincoln!
  2. Reminds me of some Corvairs. Not because they look the same, but because they are both so ugly, they are cute.
  3. From an Edsel newsletter:
  4. There were none from the factory according to the Skyliner club and every article I’ve read. Do you have a source?
  5. There were none that came from the factory. These have all be modifications.
  6. I just realized this posted in the wrong place. Admin, can you please move it?
  7. The coral and white car in the background.
  8. Does anyone know what the coral and white car on the left is? Thank you!
  9. Most cars in Texas are gloomy colors also.