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  1. How about any of the National Parks? That’s what I’d do if I had your rig.
  2. 1970, I was 5. I remember going everywhere with him in cars and on bikes. I later drive this Suzuki 90 in the back field. Dad had to put me on and take me off until I could touch the ground. (I’ve always been short).
  3. I’ve finally started to go through some albums. I found the Hudson pickup photos that I haven’t seen for a couple years. I’m still looking for other albums I know I had and hope they are in some of the boxes I still have. He had had so many cars over the years. Feel free to post any pics that have been in your family as well.
  4. I have a couple extra Spyder dashes, some emblems and other misc parts.
  5. This one was built in March of ‘63. Not surprisingly, I found a couple extra belts in the frunk. I’m sure they are too old to use now.
  6. That’s true Bill. He fought a propane company that moved across the street from his garage. I found articles and legal notes and heard stories. Now I hear big new electricity towers are going in nearby also. The poor people that live there.