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  1. I have a copy of the original brochure dated 3-88 it states "Sound system Chrysler Infinity II Stereo FM stereo radio: electronically tuned: with memory scan, up-down seek-and-scan. and Dynamic Noise Reduction electronic cassette tape player with automatic reverse, true fast-forward and rewind, automatic metal tape sensor, tape program music search, Dolby noise reduction and five band graphic equalizer, Joystick balance/fader speaker control and Infinity equalized ten-speaker system" The above is an exact quote
  2. This might sound odd. But the brochure states that there are 10 speakers in the 1990 Chrysler TC. Try as I might I can only fond 8. 2 on the dash, 2 on the front doors, and 4 in the rear. Can anyone tell me where the other 2 are?????
  3. Did all 1990 TC's come with a remote door opener? I had a 1990 TC with a remote which I totaled. I now have a TC but did not come with a remote. I kept the remote from the one I totaled and wonder if it can be reprogramed for my current TC Les
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