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  1. Well, I got the car pulled out of the shed and took a few pictures. I have not done anything to it other than air up three of the tires. The forth was off the rim so it would take air. There is a battery in it although it's not the right one. Pictures attached.
  2. Well, I'm no mechanical expert but I do know my way around engines. I am sure the gas line is gummed up and the tank will have to be emptied and cleaned along with the lines. Finding a 6v battery that fits may be a problem. As I have not looked under the hood in some time I'm not sure of the condition of the spark plug cables, the fan belt or radiator hoses. For all I know the freeze plugs have popped and it will leak like a sieve if I get it started. The exterior chrome was not good to begin with and the paint was pretty thin an dull but no rust. Fender skirts are missing. The seats ar
  3. I will post photos as soon as I get the chance. Rick
  4. Hi, I have a 1953 Pontiac Chiefton that I would like to sell. This car ran when it was put into storage many years ago but since then the ignition key was lost and rats infested the interior for a while. I would like to know if it would be worth it to have a key made and get the car running again, what ever that may take, before trying to sell it? Say I had to put $500 to get it to run, am I likely to get that back? Thanks for any thoughts. Rick
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