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  1. i have bought all my engine parts from myers this month complete rebuild on a da six incl/pistons/gaskets/valves very satisfied with prices and fast shipping well worth having patience i called and left message and they call back
  2. does the dodge da six have crank seals ?
  3. bradcrone36

    da six

    is there such a thing as front or rear crank seals on a da six engine ?
  4. with a new 6 volt battery it cranks and original battery wires seem to be good i am not familiar with 6 volt wiring seems like the positive on battery went to frame that is backwards to everything i know about modern wiring
  5. what would be the pro and cons in changing a 1929 ton and half dodge to a 12 volt system ? everything needs rebuilt as it is
  6. i got an email on thursday of the same tipe from a roy6711 said he had the exact parts i needed ask where he was and if he had pics of parts never heard back he wanted a money gram for 300 looked him up on aaca he joined nov 6 2014 suspected it was scam
  7. bought an old house trailer in 2005 pretty bad shape and sat empty a long time i knew it had bad mouse problem and some black snakes by the skins in the ceiling so i had one room in end of the trailer i stayed in put alot of decon throughout i worked second shift made my bed every day before i left for work would come home every night and pull covers back and inspect for the snake mice didnt bother me much came home one night pulled covers back nothing there thought i would check under the pillows and found the decon neatly pilled underneath the mice were happier living with the snake than me
  8. found stamp numbers on r/h front engine does anyone know what year or model this is numbers are h36-289 any help appreciated
  9. looking for windshield frame 1pc 1929 d/b 1 1/2 ton and wheel lock ring cast iron hubs
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