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  1. As I do an accounting of all the spare parts, it looks like I'm only a chassis, one axel, and four tires away from being able to rebuild a second Model T. So $12,950 for the completely restored (and barely driven since) T, and $2,000 for all the extra parts. Is that still too high? Len
  2. I figured I should provide an epilogue to this story... The guy said he would come by "in a day or two" to look at the T more closely. He said that three times over about a three week period. I haven't seen him since, and I'm done calling him. I think what might have happened is he made the ridiculous offer, then went home and actually did some Googling and realized his offer was way too high. Anyway... I'm seriously considering putting it up for sale for $14,950, which would also include an extra engine, real end, spare body parts, and a large assortment of various smaller parts. And a couple
  3. This is it before it completely fell apart (I think this is early 50s)... This is the only pic I have on the computer after it was restored...
  4. Hey guys, I got a couple of email notifications that someone responded to my question, and after the first 2 they stopped so I figured that was all I got. I just found this thread again as I was researching Model T prices. The guy that made the offer is a friend of my brother's who saw the T and, after my brother told him he was sure I was not interested in selling it, he said he'd pay $30,000. I think they guy is pretty well off (my brother has been to his home), so maybe he can afford to make such a great offer (which I've since learned is probably too good to be true). He says he wants to c
  5. My T has been fully restored, including new tires and upholstery, but has been sitting in my parent's garage undriven for about 14 years. I just got an offer for $30,000. Is this a good offer? If I were to publicly offer it for sale is there a good chance I could get more? Thanks for your insights. Len
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