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  1. I'm located in Tacoma Wa. Vin # 494877h932693, I can get a picture of the body plate tomorrow.
  2. Selling the 1967 Rivera that was my winter project. Currently taking offers! Walk-around video Driving Video The following has been completed on this 1967 Buick Riviera: All new shoes front and rear 4 new tires with road warranty 2 new front soft brake lines Surfaced front drums New instrument cluster light bulbs/cleaned electrical contacts Rebuilt Rear windows motors Rebuilt Front window motors Rebuilt power antenna Rebuilt Radio New Interstate Battery New Front Speaker New Rear Speaker New Air ducting Removed, cleaned and painted intake manifold New Intake manifold gasket New PCV grommet and valve Cleaned and painted valve covers New valve cover gaskets Rebuilt carb New vacuum lines (engine) New 12 volt wire from wire harness to coil New electronic Ignition (Flame Thrower III) New Flame Thrower Coil New cap and rotor New Spark Plug Wires New Rapid Fire Spark Plugs Interior gutted and POR 15 applied to interior and trunk Exterior sanded to bare metal Black interior mouldings stripped and repainted New front and rear upholstery New foam for front bucket seats and rear seat New rear floor pans Exterior rust areas repaired (front fenders, trunk lid, door skins) New Carpet New Jute Padding New master cylinder New headlight switch New Weather Stripping Throughout (trunk, doors, window felt, etc) New Front and Rear Shocks New Front End Bushings New Tie Rods New Ball Joints Car taken to bare metal, minimal bondo work, primer, sealer 3 coats of base paint, 3 coats of clear coat Trunk sprayed with rubberized undercoating New trunk felt and cardboard Engine Compression Cold 1:152 3 :140 5: 150 7:152 2: 151 4: 152 6: 152 8: 149 Warm 1:146 3: 145 5:152 7: 152 2: 152 4: 150 6: 152 8: 150 Thanks, Brandon
  3. Looking to buy a front lower molding with the mounting clips that attaches right behind the cowl.
  4. Would you happen to have a picture of middle clips that fit in the t-posts?
  5. Thanks Dale! No still putting it back together, have the carpet and seats to put back... then of course I need to find new door moldings
  6. Also, anyone knows where I can buy the clips that hold on the door molding to the door?
  7. I'm not sure why I never got notifications that someone responded to this thread...but after discussing color and options with my friends uncle ( the owner) he decided to go with a gray color and no vinyl top.
  8. Hey Guys, Question: I'm fixing up a 67 Riviera, which we're planning on selling. Per the metal plate, this car was orgianlly white with a black vinyl top. The question my buddy and I are disccusing: keeping the car original with the white paint and black top or painting the car a different color that would possible attract more buyers and getting rid of the vinyl top, if so which color? The car is currently down to the metal. Thanks, Brandon
  9. Well, I now I see the bulbs at the top shine down on top of the gauges, not from behind it (and one bulb lights 2 gauges...geez I'm embarrassed on this one... I will disassemble the cluster and clean with the polish JZRIV suggested, reassemble the dash and cluster and see if I can get better lighting. I read some where (on an older model) that adding an addition ground to the console or dash area helps with the brightness of the blubs, do you guys think this would help the 67 increase the brightness?
  10. Yes, that is what I figured, I'm just confused on how the gauges besides the speedometer gets light...
  11. I got the heater lights to turn on (outside the heater control unit) by grounding out the outside the blub. I attached a picture of the small box with the wire wrapped around them.. if anyone know if this are suppose to emit light?
  12. Yes I can turn on the courtesy light under the dash by grounding out the wire behind the switch, just not sure where the switch gets the ground from because its only a one prong you know which bulbs are suppose to be in the dash, I used 194 bulbs.
  13. Ok, I check it out tonight and will report back.. Thanks!