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  1. Good advice, thanks very much! I'll mull it over.
  2. Her garage is pretty well packed, isn't it? Not my place to clean it. I was thinking 7-8-9000. Not well versed in older cars. This is convertible with a rumble seat. Might be too big a project for me. I've never messed with wooden wheels.
  3. Hi... I've got a barn find and I'm interested, but I'm having a hard time finding a fair price. I want to treat the owner fairly. Could I ask for a bit of input please? This is an unrestored Kissel, last worked on in the fifties. She says all the parts are there, just disassembled. '27 Kissel Convertible Cabriolet, All Year Coupe Roadster 8-65. If I pass on it, I'll let y'all know.
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