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  1. Can anyone give some guidance on the year of this Stoddard Dayton? Did different bodies come from Stoddard Dayton? Or were there different coach builders supplying bodies? THanks in Advance!
  2. Hello. Do you still have some of these fenders? I need fronts and one rear for a 1919.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for any original car with a dealer sticker or emblem from Lund's Auto in Tomah WI. My grandfather, Clyde Lund owned the Nash dealership in the mid 50's through the early 60's. I'd love to find an original car that his dealership may have sold. Any literature from the dealership would also be of interest. Thank You, Mike Barnhill Colorado
  4. I have one new 34x4 universal tire and liner. There are also 4 new 26 inch inner tubes. $100.00 plus shipping for all. All are new and unused. They are excess items from a swap meet purchase. Mdbarnhill@gmail.com 303-827-4551
  5. Is there any chance in a million that you might have contact info from that old craigslist ad? I think theres a way to research your computers cache and find the original page. Any chance you can help me out? Thank You in advance. Mike
  6. Thanks for your help everyone. I was able to get the hub nuts off and the wheels are removed. I made a large socket and it worked great. Now for the next quandry: I need to separate the wheel from the brake drum. I've removed the nuts from the inside of the brake drum but the thing won't separate. There seems to be some way that the bearing cup and flange on the outside of the wheel is attached to the drum on the inside. I removing the wheels to clean them up and to get the brakes working. Id like to replacen one axle shaft because there is a piece that has split off at the keyway. I can pr
  7. Anyone have experience with the rear axle? I need to remove the rear wheels and the large nut that holds the wheel on the axle seems really tight. Is there anything else that locks that nut on? Is the left side a left thread? Anyone have any spare parts for this axle? Thanks in advance for your advice. Mike.
  8. Well I'm finally getting around to posting these pictures. I had a nice time at Hershey and found most of the things that I needed. Mike
  9. Thanks for the welcome. Ill get some pics posted. Mark, I may take you up on that. I'm not sure how to communicate off forum but figure out what youd need for those and maybe ill do that. Im looking forward to Hershey. Ive never been but I have known of it all my life.
  10. Hello. Im Mike. I just acquired a 1919 5p touring model H45. Ive known about this car for 20 years and have been trying to buy it for the last two. Its been in a barn up on the Colorado Wyoming border. I finally got the deal done and I'm thrilled with my time capsule. Its a relatively complete car and I think ill be able to get it running with only a little effort. Most of the work so far has been cleaning a garbage bag full of mouse crap and seed hulls out. Its cleaning up pretty good. Im needing several wedges that hold the rims on the wheels. Is there a source or somone who may be able to
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