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  1. I've had a ball with this car. It's time to let her go to someone that can really take it to the next level though. Car runs and drives great. Has rust in trunk lid and trunk corners. Detailed pics available via text. Thanks for looking. https://boise.craigslist.org/cto/5747905528.html
  2. I loaned my car to a buddy last year. He threw a fan belt and put holes the size of a quarter in five of the pistons. Fast forward a year and I lucked upon a fresh rebuilt complete drivetrain out of a 49 series 40. I switched the motor mounts and my car is back. I really do not want to store all these parts. I have a trans, head, bell housing, block, fan etc etc. And yes, complete manifold set up. I really don't want to box any of it to ship. But if you have a way to get it picked up in Boise Idaho it's yours. The whole package is preferable but I will sell off pieces.
  3. I'm still looking for an engine for my 47 Super Sedanette. I can rebuild this one but I'll bet someone's got a fresh one sitting in his garage somewhere. From what I have researched, it needs to be a manual transmission engine. Thanks for reading.
  4. I'm getting an estimate of almost 6k to rebuild and r and r my motor. Does anyone have a nice running 3 speed motor available for sale? I'm in Boise Idaho and will travel to get the right one. Thanks
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