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  1. I have a 55 Buick and will be doing this same thing soon but I've never done it on this vehicle before. That said I have used allthread and nuts In place of the bolts to get it started on other vehicles and then replaced it with the factory bolts one at a time once it is pulled in far enough. It shouldn't take a lot of torque to get it to go. If it does there is likely something wrong. With care you might be able to use longer than stock bolts to do the same thing as long as you dont thread them all the way in.
  2. Good info here!...at least now I know how NOT to break it once I get it fixed.
  3. I found the "pin" part of mine in the trunk. It doesn't look too hard to weld back on but after reading this I am starting to think that getting it close to the original position and operational might be a little difficult.
  4. Starting on this project soon! I got a title, a few other chores done, and it is about time to get started on this car. A good part of my spare time has been spent researching the obvious things this car will need soon (carb rebuild, fuel pump rebuild, power steering, brakes). I've been buying and stashing new lenses, a couple fuel pumps (that need rebuilt), brake parts, and a spare dynaflow that works and was recently pulled. That brings me to my first (of probably many) questions... My spare trans is out of a 55' Century. If I need to use it how hard is it to convert it to the longer style tailshaft since I already have all the parts from the one currently in it?
  5. I'm a little late to this party... Nice Super! I recently bought one in similar condition. I even have a small dent in the same place on the front fender. I'm curious where the rest of that piston went? At least you have plenty of parts laying around. Hope you are right about the block being good. Kinda looks like there was enough piston left to keep the rod from destroying it. So what are your build plans? That sure is a solid start! If you don't plan on using those dropped uprights let me know. I'm looking for a set.
  6. Were you ever able.to take some pics of this? Really curious how this all fits under there?
  7. Dang... You had me feeling pretty confident about attempting this myself. I'm sure you'll get it figured out. Let us know what happens!
  8. 2012 Jeeps are the same way. There is a company that will bend them slightly back and return them. I can't find their info but maybe someone does this for Buicks as well?
  9. Thanks, good to know. I think I found one off of a 54 Buick on E-bay but it is pretty rusty/pitted. Trying to decide if I should get it or hold out for a nicer one...
  10. Originally I thought this meant a 1954-1956 would fit. Now I see that it says that a 1954-55 model 56R will fit. Interestingly the weatherstripping shows as the same as a 56. Who knows? I will just wait until I can find one that definitely fits. My car is in storage temporarily until I finish some other projects and my daughters wedding is over. I went to get a better look at it since it was only at my house for a few hours since I picked it up. The post is broken at the base. You can't even tell from the outside and I think the upper door trim piece will hide the crack on the inside. The door pieces were removed(and luckily in the trunk)when I bought it. There are many things that need attention before this is the biggest problem so I might just do a temporary fix until I find one. My first step is to vacuum 20 plus years of dust out of it and get the brakes working. It has no fuel pump and who knows what the tank has going on inside? I did squirt Marvel mystery oil into the cylinders, turn it through a few times with a socket, and prime the carb. It fired right up after sitting since 1990. It was pretty obvious that it will need exhaust also... I also found a good working dynaflow from another 55 a little over 100 miles away so I bought it. Not sure if I will need it but from what I've read the extra parts couldn't hurt.
  11. Love the stacks of wire wheels in the background. I'm always checking out the signs and stuff in your pics... I just read this whole thing and I'm sure it will be very helpful when I get started on my car. Thanks for all the hard work it takes to document a build like this.
  12. I met a very old man who has the same car but with blue interior. He is basically the original owner and would sell it. It Is garage kept out here In the dry desert but It has not been moved in many years or started for at least a couple. The price fluctuates around the $30, 000 mark. I have no Idea what It Is worth but I wish I was in a position to by it...
  13. Thank you. I ordered a shop manual and an owners manual. I will be contacting you soon.I feel foolish for my ham-fistedness but I suspect it might have been damaged already since it broke really easy. I was leaving the storage yard when I broke it so I will have to look closer when I get a chance... Either way I try to own my mistakes so I can move on to the next one. Thank you again! I have a lot to learn about these cars... I have been working on less sophisticated vehicles for the last couple years, 60's Jeeps and Chevy/GMC trucks. I might have to use a little more finesse on these chrome laden cars. This is probably the friendliest car related forum I have been on and I can't believe how much information is here.
  14. Thank you sir. I found a lead on one from a 56 Cadillac. I just need to make sure it fits. My grandmother left Sweden in her teens. I think the place she lived was called Karlskoga? Swedish relatives would come visit us when I was a teen but we lost touch. I would love to see them again as they were very fun loving people!
  15. I managed to break the A-pillar(front/thick part of the vent window frame) on the driver side door of my 55 Super 2 door. Are the 4 door Roadmaster/Super the same? What other years would interchange? Certain Cadillacs and Olds also? I plan to look at my local library but I don't believe they have an interchange manual for those years.I don't need one right away since the car is a project but I need to start the search since I know how long it can take. I guess I've been messing with Jeeps too much lately because I noticed the gap was a little big between the a-pillar/door so I held the door open with my right hand and gave the pillar a good push with my left (this method is actually in one of my Jeep manuals). It snapped right off! I didn't realize it was cast aluminum or I never would have tried it... EDIT: I don't know why I said aluminum. I'm pretty sure they are pot metal. I had so many things on my mind since I just got the car home I spaced...
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