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  1. Seems like I didn't fully understand what I was asking for with the 'parting out'. Essentially I've been quoted ~$200 for the car, but I know that the engine alone could be sold for more than that. This is what led me to wanting to sell the car for certain parts. I agree that parting out the entire car is not a good solution for my situation. Yes, this car was from a Texas dealer and is the 'Texas' special edition. Has the sesquicentennial emblem on the seats and everything. I only have photos of the door damage to post right now. Basically I just don't want to spend the money to fix it
  2. First time poster, little knowledge about this older Buick coupe I have. I inherited this beautiful '86 LeSabre Sesquicentennial a few years ago. Less than 75,000 miles, rebuilt engine with less than 10,000 miles on it, garaged, everything except the heat worked. Unfortunately it got tagged in a parking lot and the right side door is now inoperable. I'm now looking to part it out if at all possible, really hoping that there may be some restoration interest somewhere. I have zero experience parting out a car and would love any tips or feedback ya'll can provide. Thanks!
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