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  1. Ok, great. I will be going to my shop in the next few days. What two states is it? I am in CA so i wouldn't be surprised if CA is one. Thanks!
  2. Ok, i will check it tonight by hitting it. It might be best to just take it to a muffler shop and get it replaced though. I do have a friend that can weld one on though, if anyone has a part number of one i should/could buy? Do you know the location (maybe a pic) of the kick down? I can look for it tonight too and see what i can find about it. Thank you!
  3. It is slow through all gears around 3500 rpm and above. I can get the car up to speed 70 mph + so long as i keep it under 3500 RPM and let the transmission just shift as the speed increases. IE: 0 - 30 1st gear. Then about 30 to 50 ish if i recall, its 2nd and then 3rd on above. I can also manually shift the gears without issue, but again no real power after 3500. Its interesting that you say that about the cat, as my cat is rattling like the insides are lose or broken. I didn't think to replace it as it passed smog fine. Is there anyway to test that to know for sure its something with the cat? Or does this transmission have a kick down or any lines i should check for? Thank you again!
  4. Ok, so i did the CTS check. Once it was at running temp, i disconnected it and the revs went up. Check light came on. I am not able to time it though, due to i don't see a timing guide on the fly wheel?? No marks, nothing?? I checked the hose from the bottom of the air box. It is going into a bigger hose that is running from the bottom of the inter-cooler to the back of the engine. To the turbo i assume? I also took some pics of the area around the blow off value and other areas. So if anyone can take a look and tell me if it looks like the lines are not hooked up right that would be great. Again, thank you so much to everyone that is helping me with this, its been a great deal of frustration trying to get this car up and running well and i would really hate to have sell it not running right and never being able to really drive her. http://imgur.com/a/IB2KU
  5. Yeah, it just started after the motor swap. The engine will rev fine and go all the way up without issue when not in gear. I think the turbo gets a bit loud and sounds like its releasing a bunch of pressure, but im not sure if its normal or not. Never had a chance to drive the car before the swap. The car just very slowly accelerates after 3500 RPM while driving. I will try to clear the codes and see if i can check the timing on it. After i test it with the CTS disconnect. Where is the CTS located? How do you clear the codes though? I only know how to do it with the DB2 systems. Thank you again for all your help!
  6. It look to me like 2-2-2-55. I can't seem to match that up on Allpar.com. Am i missing something or reading the codes wrong? See here for my codes: https://youtu.be/6eKSY11MFVk
  7. Awesome! Will do the moment i get home! However, there is no check engine light on right now. Does that matter? Thank you!
  8. (89 with the 2.2 Liter Turbo II) The car does not accelerate well when you put your foot down and have the engine go past 3500 RPM. The car gets up to speed and drives perfect if the RPMs is kept below 3500. The engine revs OK and sounds good and it passed CA smog with flying colors so it can be running too bad...right? I am not sure what the issue is, it might be the turbo is not hooked up right or the transmissions drop kick?? The Transmission shifts perfect though with the RPMs under 3500. I appreciate any ideas. I just had the motor swapped on it, so im thinking it is some little wire, or line that is just not hooked up right and once the car hits the 3500 rang and the turbo spools up, that power doesn't get to the wheels. I am finally sooo close to having this car be back to its former glory with this being the only issue. Thank you!!!
  9. Awesome! Thank you Hemi and Lawteachr! This helps a lot, I will be looking for this line asap. Its funny, because my ac/heater vents stopped moving too, so i bet that's it! I'm starting to wonder if there was any other lines like this one that they missed. Can anyone recommend a service book or some tech info i can find on vacuum lines like this one? I'm wondering if they have the air lines to and from my turbo ran correctly too.
  10. Great! Thank you for that info. That does help and i will try to slowly cover it tomorrow. Looking at the photo it doesn't seem i have that part, but i will look. If anyone else is able to take a pic or two of their setup it would still be very helpful. Thank you!!
  11. Here are pics of what i need. I need to know where this line is suppose to go. Thank you! http://i.imgur.com/5AcyMyz.jpg http://i.imgur.com/5V6YlLO.jpg
  12. Trying to run the vacuum lines for my 89 that just had the engine swapped. I have looked over the diagram for the 89 2.2 for California, but I just don’t fully understand it. Can anyone with a digital camera take some pictures of their vacuum lines (especially the ones from the throttle body and back behind it?) I have an exposed line coming out from behind the throttle body that doesn’t go anywhere and is sucking in a lot of air. If I cover it, the engine dies. Not sure where this line needs to go to? Brake booster?? Pics would be so helpful! Thank you!!! Im getting sooo close to being able to drive it!! Been a long year!
  13. Its the 89 4 cylinder in CA. Not sure if im missing those charts, but i do seem to not be able to find it. If you could supply them that would be a huge help! Thank you!
  14. Still for sale for anyone whom is interested....
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