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  1. Hey first born guy, I talked to you back in in Sep 2014 about my 56 buick century. I took your advice and got the nailhead running, and im having the dynaflow rebuilt, plus wiring.
  2. Where are u located? I have a dynaflow transmission. Im not positive on the year but I think it an earlier one. Maybe the number on it could help.
  3. Anyone have a ruff estimate to rebuild a 322 nailhead?
  4. My front chrome trim that goes above the bumper wont fit correctly in the holes on the fenders, anyone know if some body work will fix this. Im lost
  5. Is it ok to put performance cam in my nailhead without rebuilding it? Just trying to nssqueeze some power out of it and a loapy sound
  6. I got it started awhile back without hesitation and sounded good without smoking, I was told when they put the car in drive it did not respond.
  7. I could do it cheaper, parts are hard to find for the nailhead
  8. Its hard to choose, to rebuild a nailhead it cost around 3k, its not the straightest car
  9. Im stuck on the fence, I dont k ow if I should keep the 322 nailhead and rebuild the dynaflow or put a chevy 350/th350/new drive line and rear end. What do you guys think?
  10. I got a 56 buick century 4D, the motor starts but I was told that transmission is bad. I got. Qoute on the trtransmission rebuild, around $1, 000. Im on the fence with it and wondering if I should put a sbc 350 and transmission with a new drive line and reae for more power, and parts availability. Opinions?
  11. Thanks for your help. Do you know where I can find the exterior trim or port holes?
  12. Hi everyone, I got a 56' Buick. Im looking for some brake parts and advice. I could use some help thanks
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