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  1. SHM 35 Dodge dv

    1935 Dodge DV Sedan

    Photos of my 1935 Dodge DV Sedan Restoration time: 14th of March 2014 - 31st August 2018
  2. I just fixed a knocking noise coming from the handbrake band with some lock washers. But now I have noticed when accelerating hard it makes a pop (see video) the sound doesn't occur when accelerating slowly or when driving. Video:
  3. It was just the handbrake band, the bolts were loose a lock washer fixed it
  4. Does anybody know if their should be a gap between the points ,the horn is off a 1935 dodge it is trying to work with short bursts of sound have tried ajusting the middle screw and cleaning the points with sand paper all to no avail . thanking you
  5. HELP!!! First time driving.Not a good start. Did go bang ten years ago while driving and then was stored. Back up and running with a knock coming from the gearbox. Is that knock from the bang all them years ago. VIDEO OF THE KNOCK: HOW DO I FIX IT? Thanks SHM 35 Dodge DV
  6. Hello again everyone, thank you for recommending the dog bone puller. The hub came right off with no worries thanks again. SHM 1935 Dodge dv
  7. Thank you all for your help I will try and find a puller and give it a go, let you know how I get on.
  8. Hi i'am currently restoring a 1935 dodge and i was wondering how to remove the rear brake drum for brake repair. There is a key pin as in the picture below and i'am not sure how you can remove it to get the brake drum off. hope you can help