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  1. My guess is the POL kit is essentially a scarbird kit with all the parts in one shipment.i doubt they have reinvented the idea , but rather put their package together as a one stop shop. What appeals to me with the POL kit is powder coated calipers and slotted disc option without me having to go out of my way and time to do the same. Price seems reasonable compared to me shopping for the new parts at the local parts store. Plus considering my Riviera is not going to be original, but rather a rat rod style car. My car is almost perfect inside and out and what remains is braking and the engine r
  2. Do you recall which setup you purchased? I don’t see a Riviera option on masterpowerbrakes.com?
  3. Same question, but I’m pretty sure my booster is bad as well. Symptoms of bad idle and missing in gear, hard peddle. I know my drums are good, but I’m trying to decide if the best route is to do a disc brake upgrade in the front and going with a completely new booster/master cylinder upgrade like the one POL sells and either doing the scarbird or POL front disc brake kit? My car is more of a rat rod and not trying to be original. Was wondering if anyone had experience with the POL kit in the links below? https://www.performanceonline.com/1966-69-Buick-Riviera-Front-Disc-Brake-Conve
  4. When I replaced my heater core I had the same issue. I ended up using a piece of window reflective sun shade I had laying around from my ex's car. Used aluminum foil duct tape to hold in place.
  5. Can't find anyone to rebuild core. Guess I'm going to have to try a after market one and go from there.
  6. Well I finally undertook the long process to remove my failed heater core. All I can say is it is a BITCH! 5 hours later I finally got the old one out! I'm going to see how much it costs to get it recored.nthen hopefully I can remember how to get it all back together...lol anyone know if there is a replacement for the rubber duct at the top of the heater core interior cover, the piece that goes up to the center dash vent? Mine fell apart getting it out.
  7. I was looking online for a new heater core for my riv with factory air. Anyone find one that fits properly?
  8. I need to pick bypass the heater core and then I'll hunt down if I have any vacuum links. I'm running the stock manifold that has been ported. I port matched the heads at the same time last winter. I did do a compression test 2 years ago and everything was fine, I know 2 years seems like a long time ago , but that's only 50 miles of driving. Plugs and wires are all new. When I was timing it it got right at 15 vacuum at 10deg timing which the car seemed to run best at. Full advance to 31degrees at 3200 rpm with distributed vacuum disconnected.
  9. I'll check for vacuumed leaks when I get my heater core leak figured out. Can't think of how I could have installed the intake gaskets incorrectly.
  10. I'm guessing my lower vacuum is probably due to ported heads, intake manifold and headers.
  11. Checked out of curiosity.unfortunatly while timing everything I noticed that what was a very small drip of coolant from what I thought was a leaking heater hose that I replaced while doing the pertronix install turned into a full fledged river out the heater core. Some days I hate my luck. Guess I'll be pulling the interior and doing the heater core finally repairing my center console and redoing my window alignment and window motors while I have it apart. A lot of work ahead, but luckily it's a hobby not a daily driver. I was initially hopping to have her running this month so I had it to d
  12. I just did a lobe sensor pertronix installation on my 65 riviera and have a couple questions. My dwell now reads 24? Also what kinda manifold vacuum are you guys seeing? I'm only seeing 10-15 with timing set to 10 degrees. If I drop down to 2 degrees I'm only seeing a vacuum of 10? Seems really low? thanks!
  13. Check out this thread http://forums.aaca.org/topic/244164-20-wheels-for-65-flat-black-riviera/page-3I went to 20" wheels and it might give you some info you are looking for.
  14. I completely agree with you on the gun metal grey. It is what I was thinking for my car as well when I get tired of the flat black look. Engine looks great! I feel your pain on on the moving, I'm getting ready to do the same thing. My home fixer upper is going to but my riviera project on the back burner while a gut the whole house.
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