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  1. I just found another site that tracks it back to the first V8s of 1932. These were likely later because of the Ford, versus FoMoCo casting, but still a real Ford manufactured part. Thanks.
  2. Look at that--as simple as going to the Dorman site. Thanks! I kept seeing 69-72 but figured it couldn't be that narrow.
  3. I've got this box of NOS pilot bushings and would like to ID them. There's a part number 690-018 written on the box, which matches a Dorman number for a Ford bushing. Can't find a good application guide though. Approximately 1 9/16" OD and a hair over 5/8" ID. Thanks!
  4. I've got a handful of these NOS Plymouth trim pieces and I haven't found an exact match for. All of the ones I have looked up are 48-49 inches. Most of mine are 46". Also, front or rear? Part number? Thanks.
  5. I'm pretty sure the first set is '35-40 Plymouth, but I see that there is a distinction made between 35-36 and 37-40. What's the difference? Pictures I've seen look identical. Second set I have no idea. Any help appreciated. One has the backing plate with wheel cylinder and shoes.
  6. This is an odd one to me. Anybody recognize it? Number in casting 151519. Any help appreciated.
  7. I've got this NOS latch that I can't place. Anybody recognize it? The tag doesn't have a number. Thanks!
  8. I can see how the orientation and air cleaner would work for a marine application. It really resembles a Zenith updraft I keep seeing for outboard motors. Thanks for the suggestion!
  9. All I can find on Linkert is information about their Harley carbs, but this looks very automobile-like, except for the air cleaner. Maybe tractor? Does anybody recognize it? Solid brass body. Only stampings that may clue the model looks to be 85U. 1 1/2" inlet.
  10. I'm fairly certain this is Mopar. There is a remnant of a label which suggests it. Anybody recognize it that can narrow it down for me? Thanks.
  11. I imagine this will be nearly impossible to ID confidently. My best guess so far is a 1927 Packard touring. It's got the slanted back windshield and is long enough to justify the two sets of side windows.
  12. I don't think I would have ever ID'd these otherwise; thanks!
  13. You guys always come through, so I've found this window set produced by Rex for enclosing an open car. Frames are wood, with steel mounting hangers. All steel is solid and wood seems very good. Oilcloth covering is still good enough to make patterns from on most pieces. Some glass is good. It seems Rex made these for a handful of the major makers, and I was just wondering if anybody recognized what make/years this could possibly fit? I'm thinking circa 1926-27. Thanks for any help!
  14. Look like late prewar-early postwar interior handles, I imagine. Pretty sure they're NOS, but alas, only 3. Any help appreciated.
  15. The pair that are twined together appear NOS with very nice inner bushings and what looks to be a label still on them. Part number 1317280 on both. The single one has a part number 487557 with a mark that may help identify the manufacturer. Thanks for any help.
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