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  1. Where are some good places to look for a 59 T-bard...for a project.. ??
  2. Thank you all a bunch....
  3. Would like some ideas where is the best place to put my 48 Cont. up for sale to get the most people to see the add ??
  4. Good Idea...thanks bud....If that doesnt work.I will take to car audio shop....
  5. OK..I need help...actually mentaly... :-) Im trying to remove the grill that holds the speaker on my 48 cont. I cannot see the 4th nut ..Looking from firewall to rear of car its the bottom right fingers cant find it either...Is it because im old and Not skinny anymore...or is it a pain in the ass to get to..??...It has a Newer speaker with a LARGE I want to put an old regular speaker so I can Install the radio....
  6. Hi guys and gals...I was just wondering wheres the best place to sell...If I decide to sell 48 Cont. coupe....its fully restored and gorgeous...any suggestions
  7. Would anyone have a Faceplate for a 48 lincoln continental radio ?? my email is :
  8. Hi buddy..........would you by chance have a radio Faceplate for the continental?? 48 heres my email add:
  9. Nice pics guys....heres mine....just need a few little things to finish it...Radio face plate for one....
  10. My big brother passed away 4 weeks ago and he gave me his 48's gorgeous..Best big Brother a guy could ever have.Im also a car guy But from the 50's and 60's....How and where do I check the oil level ?? One more thing, it has power windows and I would love to know What type of fluid should I use in that tank. Thank you kindly ahead of time for any responses.