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  1. Chasing 2 of Egge E112 pistions, standard size (.000). Egge 112 pistons fit 1934-41 Chrysler. Egge will not be manufacturing these again for a number of months. I have 2 left over from a previous project. I need 4 for the current project, hence why I'm asking for 2 only. Asking on the off chance someone may have 2 spare! Thanks
  2. Mike That's disappointing to hear about your experience with Mitchell. I purchased one last year to put in a Rugby. Far different install to a Model A. I'm also down under in Australia. Had numerous emails to Sue about what I needed. Spoke to Sue and Steve on the phone also about my requirements. Sue even went up and beyond and chased up the correct speedo drive gears to put in the unit, so that my speedo remained accurate. Nothing but praise for them. Like Grimy, my Rugby has a 4.89 rear end. High 30's mph screaming its head off. Much better now with the Mitc
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