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  1. Hi again. Since it been some time i hope you dont mind me askungen again. 😀 Will you sell me your RM Conv . Ola
  2. Im looking for a 1934-35 LaSalle IF you have one for sale or know of any, Pls ler me know Ola
  3. Thank you for replying, i have tried everyway possible in this forum to Contact him. He dont answer
  4. In september last year MattZ. Started a thread about eventually buying à 1950 Buick Roadmaster Convertible. Does anyone Know how to get in toutch with him? Im Searching for à car like that.
  5. I understand KdFWagen, hope you didnt mind me asking. PLEASE ler me know if you find a Car like this GIF sale. Take care Ola
  6. I had 2 of those ower the years but had to sell them. You have no thoughts of selling yours? Ola
  7. Thanks Don. Thats correct, there was a sedan also and a -41 Chrysler coupe. They ara all gone! ?. Ceep on hunting ? Ola
  8. Dear KdFWagen. Do you still have your 50 RM Conv? Where do you live? US O Germany? Ola in Sweden
  9. Hi, i have had 2 of These Cars and unfortunatrly vere forced to sell Them. IF you dont buy her PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Or if you know of anyone else of this model. Thank you Ola
  10. Is that car in Sweden? I live in Sweden i i think i Recognice your name Stefan
  11. Im searching for a complete car or just a body in almost any shape, dont need engine, front clip, Axels and so on. Ola
  12. I think so too Wasnt the Conv supposed to go to the WPC museum? Does he still have his Cord?
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