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  1. Thank you all for your replies! I tried making an account on the Studebaker forum to ask for information like this, but I'm still waiting for the administrator to acknowledge/okay my account (so I can post a thread). As far as price, we were thinking five to ten thousand dollars, as well, although both my mother and I would love to keep it and restore one day if we won the lottery. haha But if it will be sold, we want a good price for it. Also, to Mr. Callin, that would sound about right. The only real reason my mother thought that it was a sedan was because it has the back seat, and she had a
  2. Hey everyone, My parents came into possession of a 1937 Studebaker Dictator 2 Door before I was born, and for many years its sat in our garage. My mother has been trying to research it because of its historical value. These are the details that were determined when it was appraised in 2005: Standard 3 Speed Transmission 6 Cylinder Engine Ext. Color- Black Int. Color- Tan Box Heater in Passenger Compartment From what my mother has been researching online, she believes it to be a 2 Door Cruising Sedan instead of the traditional coupe because the section of the rear end where the roof comes down
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