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  1. Thank you all for your replies! I tried making an account on the Studebaker forum to ask for information like this, but I'm still waiting for the administrator to acknowledge/okay my account (so I can post a thread). As far as price, we were thinking five to ten thousand dollars, as well, although both my mother and I would love to keep it and restore one day if we won the lottery. haha But if it will be sold, we want a good price for it. Also, to Mr. Callin, that would sound about right. The only real reason my mother thought that it was a sedan was because it has the back seat, and she had also come across at one time a postcard/advertisement thing that looked something like this: If the nose was a little shorter and the model does not include a mounted spare on the other side of the car, it'd pretty much be ours in blue (and obviously better shape). But a five passenger coupe sounds like it could be right. I honestly have no idea. Thank you, everyone, for all your help!
  2. Hey everyone, My parents came into possession of a 1937 Studebaker Dictator 2 Door before I was born, and for many years its sat in our garage. My mother has been trying to research it because of its historical value. These are the details that were determined when it was appraised in 2005: Standard 3 Speed Transmission 6 Cylinder Engine Ext. Color- Black Int. Color- Tan Box Heater in Passenger Compartment From what my mother has been researching online, she believes it to be a 2 Door Cruising Sedan instead of the traditional coupe because the section of the rear end where the roof comes down with the back window is more boxy than the coupe arc (as shown in the photo). And we don't believe that it had either the rear mount or side mount for the spare tire. We found it in the trunk wrapped in its original brown paper wrapping. 1. I'd like to know how or where I can find out how many were made of this model with the custom box heater (The appraiser said it was custom, but I don't know if they were standard?) and things of the like.. We do have the VIN number if that would be needed, but neither of us have any idea where to go. We do know that there were approximately 89,000 Dictators made, but how many were cruising sedans (if that is what this is)? 2. I'd also like to know a ball park guess about what it would be worth either for parts or restoration. The appraisal in 2005 put it at about five thousand dollars, but that was a while ago. Both my mother and I do not want it to be turned into a street rod because it's a part of history and, judging by what my mother read, there are fewer and fewer pre-war cars in existence. 3. I'd also like to know if there is someone who can tell me which version of the Dictator it is for sure? I've attached photos... Any information would be most helpful. Thank you for reading.