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  1. no right now I am only selling the Chrysler oneform the Worlds fair of 1933 in Chicago bobz
  2. Hi every one. For sale for $8,00 is a Chrysler sales brochure form the 1933 Chicago Worlds Fair . Just $8.00, free shipping. email me at rzuodar@comcast.net if you are interested.
  3. Wanted to buy the left engine dustpan in good condition. may be use grayhound bus to ship . This is for 1937 dodge D-5 AACA Senior. Car was restored by Frank Borman, astronaut Apollo 8. Part number is 670161. PM me or email rzuodar@comcast.net thanks
  4. thanks for looking. How much to buy the left one and ship it to Arizona Bob z
  5. did you find if you had the engine dust pan for the driver side? Bob Z
  6. does the car have the drivers side engine dust pan? 670161? Bob z
  7. Would like to buy Salesman's Data book for the 1937 dodge. It came out in September 1936. Please pm me if you have one to sell. It will help to make sure my 1937 Dodge D-5 is stock. thanks Bob Z
  8. Hi Everyone, I want to buy the left engine splash pan for a 1937 Dodge D-5 sedan, 6 cylinder left side splash pan. Part number 670161Driver's side splash pan EMAIL ME at rzuodar@comcast.net Bob Z
  9. Hi I have a 1937 dodge what would you charge to make a copy of the dodge accessories brocure you posted a few pag s on 2013 thx bob s
  10. Hi everyone, I have a 1937 dodge d-5 touring sedan. I am having trouble with my headlight switch Is there a trick in removing it. There is no button or hole in it to release the switch shaft. Is there a special tool youo use to remove with the shaft in place? It does not look like the 1936 switch at all. Please help Bob Zuodar
  11. i have one that is 9 inches long and chromed nice. picture attached. $30 plus shipping. Let me know if you want it. bob z
  12. Yes that I is what I am describing could you post a photo or send it to my email address rzuodar@comcast.net thx bob
  13. Hi everyone, I have a little mystery. On my dodge d-5 it has the fender shields that are removable. They have little attachment clamps that appear to hold a piece of rubber. Could that rubber be the front fender shields part no 667912,667741. I have no frame of reference since I have have not seen a restored 1937 dodge here in Arizona, Please let me know bz
  14. Hi sorry it took me so long to reply. My 1937 dodge is giving some fits recently. The Number on the flange is 2491S and on another part of flange is A1 thanks
  15. One side of the flange says carter the opposite side says mo-1531 ink stamped on the bottom is the number 724 any ideas? bob z rzuodar@comcast.net