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  1. Roger, I can now see your vision. A money maker. A ticket to ride!
  2. one of the symptoms of COVID is no taste. Have you been tested?
  3. BTT, Still looking for the 3001 three filament bulbs, or leads.
  4. You added 4 cylinders, so you installed a V8 or a V10. Please elaborate.
  5. Sure glad it had a better home that the Buick I sold 43 years ago.
  6. This picture was taken in 1977 at a rt.40 service station on the way to its new home.
  7. I didn't find it but I know the fellow that helped retrieve it. I hope it has a better life with its new owner. I'm just excited to see it again after 40 years. Alex D.
  8. That cat Pee is nasty! either way it is ruined.
  9. First memory I bought the Buick from an Antique car Collector/dealer in Edgewood MD when I was about 25 years old. Before I could get it home a deal for a 1929 twin ignition Nash basket case fell in my lap. Well, I certainly couldn’t pass that one up. The Buick sat in a friend’s service station lot around the corner from where I lived until I could figure out what to do with my 2 new acquisitions. The Nash took priority since it was a basket case and moved into my parents’ garage while the Buick sat at the service station. Before I could break the news to my Dad, he was at the station get
  10. I saw on Face Book where a friend was helping drag this old Buick out of the woods. At a closer look, THAT’S MY OLD BUICK! I knew right away when I saw the blue velvet interior. I enjoyed the car for a few years until I had to sell it to fund the purchase of the property where I now live. The Buick now is back one street over from where I lived at the time it was sold. I had always wondered what had become of the Buick. Now the story of the 1930 Buick continues. 1930 Buick 60 series, picture taken in the late 70's around the time it was sold Time ha
  11. You didn't misread, I edited the original post to read 3001 only after finding out the 3003 has a larger base. Thanks Alex D.
  12. Thanks but, I was informed that the 3003 bulb was for Packard and had a larger base than what was used for Cadillac. I believe I will continue searching for the correct 3001 bulb for Cadillac. Alex D.
  13. Looking for a pair of running boards for 1932/33 Cadillac, 57" for a 140 inch wheelbases. Need solid cores for new rubber. Alex d.
  14. Looking for a pair of three filament headlight bulbs for 32 Cadillac. I believe they are a Mazda / Tung-Sol or GE3001. Alex d.
  15. Find someone in your area that does powder coating, they may have the ability to do ceramic. If not they may recommend someone to you. You will be glad you did!
  16. Toss it out to the curb, I will be by to pick it up free of charge.
  17. I believe the 8 lobes would indicate a V16, The V12 has 6 and the V8 Has 4 lobes. Later 8’s had 8 lobes with single breaker points, According to the manual 4118=1934 V16
  18. Wow! I just saw that. Makes you wander about consigning a car to Beverly hills Car Club. What other damage has been done?
  19. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem
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