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  1. “Cloverleaf” added to the Tony Randazzo Collection View the painting
  2. John Hora record-setting Avanti featured in Avanti Magazine John Hora Avanti in Chicago
  3. The Randazzo Studebaker Paintings Car Trends Simulates Motor Trend Timeless Honors the Flatiron Building Renaissance Explores an Alternate Future
  4. The car originally owned by Al Jardine of the Beach Boys. A brief tribute to the Al Jardine owned 1989 convertible.
  5. A wrapped 1950 Studebaker is overshadowed by monumental objects. Visit the official website for the full effect of their sensational projects.
  6. Sorry about the repeat. I hope its still of interest.
  7. “Car Trends” illustration by Tony Randazzo continues the legacy of Avanti artist Don Wieland. Stellar Scholars tribute to the first Avanti road test shows a Gran Turismo Hark with the Avanti.
  8. The Lancia Flaminia Loraymo Coupe is one of Loewy’s most bizarre designs. Only 2 years separate it from the radically different Avanti. View the Lancia Loraymo and scale model plus “Loewy’s Latest” an article from the January 1961 edition of Mechanix Illustrated.
  9. My Top 10 Car Designs. Includes photos and descriptions of all 10 cars. View the new page on www.theavanti.net
  10. I think Gunn's intention with this list was to honor the 10 cars that most affected changes in the automotive industry. With the 49 Ford it was mostly the timing of its introduction after WWII. With the Avanti it was the shift in design being so dramatic compared to other cars of its time.
  11. Listing of the 10 greatest automobiles from the Model T to the Mustang. Top Ten Cars of All Time
  12. 1964 Avanti with wire wheels and round headlights was part of one of the biggest and most impressive American car collections in the world. Mecum Auctions priced it at $35,000 - $50,000 and it sold for $42,000. The Cars of Hillbrook Avanti
  13. From a quote in a vintage Avanti road test published by Sports Car World in August 1962 and titled “Studebaker’s Startling Avanti.” 20 vintage road tests of the Avanti published from 1962 to 1984
  14. A collection of vintage Studebaker ads including the Avanti Visit theavanti.net Vintage Studebaker Ads
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