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  1. The seller did confirm the body is metal not fiberglass.
  2. I was able to get more information on the car. Make :Marmon Year: 1931 Motor # H 1471 I'm trying to get an idea how much a car like this is worth and if it's original. I really appreciate everyone's help.
  3. I'm really not sure. Let me ask and I'll get back to you.
  4. Here are the pictures I currently have. Would you happen know how may digits or letters the serial number may have?[ QUOTE=alsancle;1336883]A picture or two would be exceedingly helpful. The serial number would also be very helpful, it is located on the right rear frame horn where the bumper mounts. If the bumper are on the car you will have to remove it to get the serial number. Of course, paperwork with the serial number may be easier. Does the engine happen to have two banks of aluminum covers on top or one?
  5. I have a great opportunity to purchase a 1931 Stutz. Looks to be all original but I cant seem to figure out the date plate codes. Here is the data info. Hayes Body Corp Grand Rapids Mich. 79 Model - 113 Type - 117 Series - H Can anyone help?