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  1. For Sale - Original Type Batteries for an Antique Electric Car These came out of our 1918 Detroit Electric Available for Restoration or display They are very heavy (each Cell weighs around 18.5 pounds) and are as follows: 5 - Battery Units (Three Cell Batteries) in wooden cases with metal handles ( Some Outside Cases have Exide Label) 2 - Battery Units (Five Cell Batteries) in a wooden Case with metal handles 1 - One Cell Battery with no case Metal appears to be in very good condition, some wood has some insect damage (small holes) and has weathered black paint. Batteries still have some acid in them. Each Individual Battery Cell measurements are 5.25 X 3.13 X15.5 inches. They are all marked with A4H with all numbers ending with YY, AC or YI . Example A4H 6864YY Filler caps are marked Thomas Edison $300 for all More Photos will be added soon These are too Heavy to ship so must be picked up in Acton Massachusetts
  2. I would possibly sell the old batteries separately if no one purchases the car within the next few months. They are VERY heavy - maybe 50 pounds each. On an added note - I see you own a 1955 Cadillac Model 62 Sedan. I also own one of those with 11,234 original miles which will be for sale once I get a new battery
  3. For Sale - 1918 Detroit Electric Car - Model 75 This car was previously from Ohio and previous to that Pennsylvania (we bought it over 20 years ago) and was repainted and restored by the previous owner. Paint has held up very well with some cracking and checking on Blue body including chipping at top edge of body where the frame is wood. Fenders are very good with no checking. Interior is in excellent condition and is Light Blue - with passenger seats in front. It has Painted Wood Wheels and original Detroit hubcaps which are in excellent condition. It has Tiller steering An knowledgeable Electric car owner has informed me that this car appears to have been rebuild by the factory. The factory would take trade ins of older models and lower the roof and add more curved fenders to make the car more 'modern'. This was done in the late 1920's or early 1930's and would make this a Model 97. It has 14 Golf Cart Batteries - 7 in front and 7 in the back I also have the original Wood cased batteries which could be restored as a display item Car has not been charged in the last few years since I can't determine the Negative vs Positive cables on the charger - there are no + or - marks. Since both wires come from one cable which splits into a black and a white wire. Interior Id Plate states Model 75, Type 18B, No 11290 Motor Plate states Size 22 17, Motor No 19393 Should get about 50 miles on a charge but we only went on 15 - 20 mile trips so I can't confirm. We could go about 25 miles a hour but going up hill was very slow. Currently the emergency brake is held in an Off position by hose clamps due to one time that the brake got stuck in the On position and we had a hard time figuring out how to get it turned off The Odometer is broken and reads 9999. Title references a lower number so I'm not sure if it broke during our ownership Comes with a 1920 owners manual Lestronic II Charger Original Wood Case Batteries for restoration This car presents well and can be used as is or with minor restoration Price $52,500 Located in Acton Massachusetts
  4. Here's a few photos if you're still interested
  5. Hi, The Glass is still available. It is the ventless type. I can take a few photos this weekend Linda
  6. For Sale 1970 Chrysler Newport Parts Included are the following: Front Bumper and Grille with headlights - Original usable Chrome - $150 Driver and Passenger Side Window glass for a 2 Door - $75 ( sorry forgot to take a photo of these!) Driver and Passenger Door Panels in Green Vinyl for a 2 Door - $100 Pair of Taillight lenses and buckets ( some minor scratches and paint loss) - $50 Located in Acton, Massachusetts Can ship the taillights but all other items are pick up only
  7. For Sale - sets of Vintage Tires These are used and are not perfect but would be great to put on a car while it is being restored. They have been in storage many years Atlas 9.15 - 15 /8.10 - 15 - Set of 5 They are marked Atlas Tubeless 9.15-15/ 8.10 x 15 Note that they are dull - Should look better with additional cleaning Price $50 for set of 5 B F Goodrich Silverstone White Walls 5.90 X 15 - Set of 4 They are marked B F Goodrich Silverstone Tubeless 5.90 X 15 Note that they are dull and white has checking - Should look better with additional cleaning Price $40 for set of 4 Highway Tire Co Black Walls 5.25/5.50 X 18- Set of 4 They are marked Highway Tire Co Black Walls 4 Ply Rayon 5.25/5.50 X 18 Note that they are dull - Should look better with additional cleaning Price $40 for set of 4 Located in Acton, Mass Sorry no shipping on these tires
  8. For Sale - Various Vintage 1960's 1970's Ford Tire Rims - with and without Tires Many Ford script marked Rims available - some have good tires, some have poor tires and some have no Tires They have been in storage many years Here are a few examples: Good Year DR78-14 with 4 lug rim. Marked Ford B83 Firestone Steel Belted Radial 721 P175/80 R13 with slotted 4 lug rim marked 31 C 9-1-? (Rim has some surface rust) - Not sure if this is Ford) Firestone Deluxe Champion B78 - 13 marked Ford F722 (2) 4 Lug rims with tires marked J34 Many others - If interested I can provide Numbers on rim Price $20 each Located in Acton, Mass Sorry shipping notavailable
  9. For Sale - Various sets of Vintage/Antique Tires These are used and are not perfect but have good tread and would be great to put on a car while it is being restored or on display in a museum . They have been in storage many years Firestone Non Skid Tires - Size 34 X 4 1/2 - Set of 6 - SOLD 4 Tires are Used with some age cracks and a little paint over spray on back - some rust on inner edge from rims. These also have 4 flaps and there are tubes but most likely will not hold air. These have a dull surface 2 Tires - These look like they were never used - maybe these where only spares? They have some age cracks and have a few small areas on tread where tiny rubber pieces are missing. These have a shiny surface Atlas 9.15 - 15 /8.10 - 15 - Set of 5 They are marked Atlas Tubeless 9.15-15/ 8.10 x 15 Note that they are dull - Should look better with additional cleaning Bedford Coach Wide Whites 6.00 x 18 - Set of 4 - SOLD They are marked Bedford Famous Coach Tube Type 6.00 x 18 Note that they are dull with some marks on white - Should look better with additional cleaning All tires are $20 each Other single tires available also many original 1960's Tire Rims for Ford and GM Contact - LindaJensen123@gmail.com Pickup in Acton, Mass - sorry no shipping
  10. Thanks for information on the Radiator - 1920's Lincoln actually sounds right since we owned a few lincolns. My dad most have bought it as a spare....Now I wonder what the windsheild stantions fit?
  11. Looking for help in identifying these mystery parts. All were stored together so I'm guessing that they are from the same car or truck - but I could be wrong: Large Radiator and Grill Shell - Measures 6 inches on side of Grill Shell, 32.5 inches tall. 24.5 across. This is very heavy - possibly from a truck?? Windshield stantions, door latches, electric panel - These were all in the same box Headlight buckets - 10.5 inches across opening Loacted in Acton, Ma LindaJensen123@gmail.com
  12. I have this set of 4 Wood wheel Hubcaps. They are 9 inches across. Any help identifying these would be great! Thanks Linda Jensen LindaJensen123@gmail.com
  13. Hi, I have a 1915 Cole Roadster V8 for sale
  14. Hi, I have the following Lincolns available. Ads are located under Buy/Sell Forum as follows: http://forums.aaca.org/topic/245897-1926-lincoln-judkins-coupe-with-rear-spares-and-wire-wheels/?hl=judkins http://forums.aaca.org/topic/242673-for-sale-1924-lincoln-7-passenger-brunn-body-touring-car/ Thanks Linda Jensen LindaJensen123@gmail.com