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  1. This should be a great meet, and what a great location! For NASCAR fans it doesn't get much better than visiting Petty's Garage and touring the Richard Petty Museum. I believe the museum also sells autographed Richard Petty memorabilia for very reasonable prices. (About five years ago, when the museum brought Richard Petty's Superbird to a show held at Daniels Performance Group in Smithfield, VA, they also brought a van load of signed memorabilia. You could buy autographed signs for $15-$30 dollars and a signed Dodge Challenger SRT hood for a few hundred dollars. (The hoods had been removed from modern Challengers and replaced when the cars were modified by Petty's Garage.)
  2. I gather you're talking about the Mid-Atlantic Pre-War Swap Meet in Luray on May 16-18. How large is it?
  3. Thanks to Pat Buckley at AACA HQ all the AACA National & Divisional Tours now list the model years for vehicles eligible to participate in the tours.
  4. Thanks for posting all the photos, Annie & Joel! I think you captured almost every vehicle on the show field.
  5. Thanks for posting the photos! Carlisle is always fun. I haven't been to any of the Carlisle events in a few years--it's a little harder to get to now that we no longer live in northern Virginia. Just had a couple friends attend the Spring Carlisle. Your photos and their stories are motivating me to attend something there soon. Thanks again!
  6. Nice looking truck! Would you please post some more photos, particularly of the engine and interior. How many miles/kilometers does it have on it?
  7. Great suggestion--thank you very much! Everyone please keep the suggestions coming--some regions are noticing the interest of members to come visit their area and are inquiring about hosting Nationals and Tours. Please also consider having your region/chapter host a future AACA national activity. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need more information.
  8. Hello Charlie, Thank you for the great suggestion! I don't think we can add the info in the calendar (but I'll ask), but we can definitely ensure the information is in all the ads and information trifolds for each tour. Thanks again!
  9. A few more photos for those who couldn't make it to this year's Southeastern Spring National in Charlotte. If you've never been to the Charlotte show, you need to come next year. Even though the Hornets Nest Region has it down to a science (practice makes perfect), every year they somehow find ways to continually improve upon it.
  10. What an outstanding National! Kudos and thanks to National (Meet) Chairman Phillip Cole, Chief Judge Dave Bowman, Registration Chair Shirley Carson, and all the members of the HNR for planning and hosting a great show. As others said, the rain on Friday put a damper on the Charlotte AutoFair swap meet, but the weather was perfect on Thursday and Saturday. Over 300 vehicles were registered for the show, and, despite some no-shows, most were on the show field and there was a great selection. Congratulations to all the award winners! Here are some photos from the car corral and the show. If you haven't been to the Southeastern Spring National hosted by the HNR every April, you need to make a point of attending next year. Great antique vehicles, a great swap meet, great car corral, and great barbecue after the awards ceremony on Saturday--what more could you ask for?
  11. As Jerry Adams and Terry Bond already said, the new location for our annual Swap Meet worked out well. The staff and leadership of Nansemond-Suffolk Academy in Suffolk, VA, were very accommodating, which helped ensure the success of our event. We look forward to holding our Swap Meet--our 25th Annual Swap Meet--there next March. Thanks to all the vendors and shoppers who came out to support our event! It wouldn't be a swap meet without you (although I would spend less). Thanks to all our volunteers who contributed to the success of our swap meet, especially Swap Meet Chairman Bill Treadwell, Registration Chairman Jerry Adams, and Skip Patnode and Jim Villers who helped Bill layout the vendor spaces. Thanks also to all the members who donated delicious baked goods for our bake sale and to Bob Hanbury for bringing out and manning (along with young Brandon Moore) the coffee & hot chocolate trailer outside, helping to keep us all warm. I was too busy inside working the AACA & TRAACA Membership Table with Bob Parrish to take many photos, but have included a few I took and some taken by Chris Hunt.
  12. Hello Philip, I'm very sorry to here about your lung operation. I hope it went well, took care of whatever the problem was, and wish you a speedy and full recovery. I agree--I think pairing a National or Tour with a major auto museum would be great. Being from Detroit, my personal goal (even before I became VP for National Activities) is to hold a National in the metro Detroit area in the next 3-5 years. There is so much for antique car lovers to do and see in and around Detroit. I believe we already have a region considering holding a National at/near Greenfield Village and The Henry Ford. I also hope one of our regions or chapters will consider doing something at/near the Gilmore (it's been 12 years since the club has been there). The Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum in Cleveland would be good (although space near the museum is limited), we could return to the Packard Museum in Warren, OH (it's been 14 years since we've been there), or do something at/near the America's Packard Museum in Dayton. Doing something at/near the Lane in Nashville is a great suggestion. (I'd like to see us do something out at/near the Lemay in Washington, too.) I'll stop listing museums because there are so many great ones that I could break the Forum listing them (and don't want to irritate anyone by not listing their favorite museum). I hope regions or chapters near a great museum see your suggestion and jump on the idea. What could be better than more seeing even more antique vehicles? Thanks again for the suggestions, Philip. Get well so we can see you in Auburn!
  13. Congratulations, Annie! Marion & I look forward to seeing her (and you & Joel) on the show field.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion, Paul! And thanks to everyone else who has contributed suggestions. Keep them coming!