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  1. I'm very sorry to hear this happened to you and hope the police can be of some help.
  2. I especially liked Steve Rossi's "Swedish Meatballs" article and seeing the 1972 Volvo 1800ES owned by our fellow Tidewater Region members Bob & Linda Pellerin. I'd love to own it or the other car in the article, Webster & Kari Peterson's 1969 Saab Sonett. Both are great cars.
  3. A belated thank you, Matt, for all your work producing the Rummage Box! It's a great source of information for our members and newsletter editors. Thanks for everything you do for our club!
  4. Sorry to hear it. Thanks for letting everyone know, though. Be safe and stay healthy.
  5. Hello Joe, I sent you a PM. John's a fellow AACA member (and a member of the Airflow Club of America). He's also very familiar with Airstreams like yours.
  6. Congratulations on being honored to be the next caretaker of this beautiful car. I've never seen an Airstream convertible before. You've obviously been a good friend of the gentleman who owned the car. I agree with you and the others who commented that I think he will enjoy and appreciate seeing the car brought back to life and that he'll get great pleasure in riding in it again. I hope you get the car roadworthy in time to share the experience with him. I have a friend who's been the owner of several award-winning Airflows. I'll direct him to your post--I'm sure he'll enjoy it and, although you probably don't need any assistance, if you have any questions he would be a good resource and happy to help a fellow Airflow owner. Congrats again!
  7. Back again after an absence of a few weeks, here's another car quiz to help you pass some time. Same rules as before: identify the year, make, and model of the cars in the photos with your only clues being their taillights. Good luck! Be safe and stay healthy.
  8. Hello Joe. Yes, I'd appreciate it very much if you gave me your friend's contact info. I sent you a private message. Best wishes to you and Lynne. Be safe and stay healthy.
  9. The VMCCA has asked for assistance in obtaining copies of some specific past Glidden Tour® tour books. The AACA Library & Research Center was able to provide copies of some of the requested years, but the VMCCA is still looking for tour books or copies from the years listed below. Do you have any of these tour books that you can either donate to the AACA Library (which will make a copy and provide it to the VMCCA) or that can you loan to the AACA Library so they can copy it? If so, please let me know. Thank you very much! Be safe and stay healthy. - 1951 Glidden Tour in Pennsylvania (AACA-hosted tour) - 1952 Glidden Tour in Washington, DC (VMCCA-hosted tour) - 1962 Glidden Tour in French Lick, IN (VMCCA-hosted tour) - 1967 Glidden Tour in Michigan & Canada (AACA-hosted tour) - 1973 Glidden Tour in California (AACA-hosted tour) - 1974 Glidden Tour in St. Petersburg, FL (VMCCA-hosted tour)
  10. Congratulations on your "new" antique car! I agree with the others--it's a great find and a perfect candidate for HPOF. The Chairman of HPOF--Dave Bowman--or his predecessor in the position--Fred Trusty--can answer your question about painting the trunk. Congrats again! I look forward to seeing it in person at future AACA Nationals or Tour. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.
  11. I'm very sorry to hear about the theft and hope the police find your car and trailer soon and unharmed.
  12. The cancelled 2020 Reliability Tour is being rescheduled as the 2021 Vintage Tour on July 11-16, 2021. That opens up the vehicle eligibility a bit, but its route is going to be "Brass friendly" to ensure that members disappointed by the cancellation of this year's Reliability Tour can easily participate.
  13. I'm sorry to hear about the cancellation, but it's a prudent decision. We're living through challenging times. On the plus side, you should get even more cars, vendors, and shoppers next year. Be safe and stay healthy!
  14. As Steve Moskowitz pointed out, unfortunately both the Southeastern Spring Nationals in Charlotte, NC, and the Eastern Spring Nationals in Beckley, WV, are cancelled. As of today, the Grand Nationals in Allentown, PA (in July), the Eastern Division Tour in the Eastern Shore of Maryland (in August), and the Southeastern Fall Nationals in Corydon, IN (in August), Glidden Tour in Saratoga Springs, NY (in September), and the Eastern Fall Nationals in Hershey, PA (in October) are still on the schedule. We are trying to schedule some additional activities later in the year. Check the AACA Forum, the AACA Calendar of Activities on the AACA website, the monthly Speedster e-newsletter, and Antique Automobile magazine for updates.