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  1. According to Green Car Reports, 13 states have adopted California's emission standards: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1109217_which-states-follow-californias-emission-and-zero-emission-vehicle-rules What I've read has said the replica car manufacturers (325 replicas annually from companies that produce less than 5,000 vehicles worldwide, so that knocks out all of the major manufacturers, leaving only companies like the Shelby,
  2. Hello 3macboys, If you contact AACA Headquarters, they can send you information trifolds about the AACA. (There's a spot on the trifold where you can put an address label sticker with contact information for your local region/chapter.) I don't know if there are business cards. Under "Resources" in the "Regions & Chapters" tab at the top of the AACA website homepage (www.aaca.org) is a 7-pg handout on the AACA Library & Research Center. This is probably larger than you want to print, but there's also a double-sided postcard-size handout for the Library
  3. I was going to suggest a 1994-1996 Chevrolet Impala SS, but Bernie beat me to it. (1996s have a center console-mounted shifter; 1994-1995s have the shift lever on the steering column.) LT-1 V8, 4-speed auto, lowered suspension, 17-in wheels, and lots of room and comfort (and better looking C-pillar rear quarter windows than the Caprice). I remember the advertising campaign for the car when it came out as a 1994 model: it showed a black Impala SS (the only color available for the first year) in front of a space-looking background: "Lord Vader, your car is ready."
  4. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, Matt. It sounds like Dale was a very talented and special person. I'm sorry I never had the opportunity to meet him.
  5. These are all great. As a retired military guy who did a bit of operational planning, I especially like #33 ("A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week."). Military planners have two other sayings: - It's not the plan, it's the planning. (Meaning: no plan is executed as originally laid out--it changes because conditions change before the plan is executed and, for combat plans, it changes with first contact because the enemy gets a vote. However, the effort that went into the planning, examining as many options and contingencies as possible, allows you
  6. I just confirmed with AACA HQ that Life Membership for those 70 & older is $350. Anyone that wants to do it should call HQ.
  7. Unfortunately, due to current restrictions in place to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tidewater Region has had to cancel what would've been our 26th Annual Swap Meet, which was scheduled for Saturday, 6 March 2021, at the Nansemond-Suffolk Academy in Suffolk, VA. We are trying to reschedule the swap meet for sometime in June or July if conditions permit it. We will post an announcement here in the AACA Forum and on the region's webpage (www.traaca.com) if we're able to reschedule the swap meet for later this year. If we're unable to reschedule it, it will return next year bigg
  8. I don't know anything about publishing & mailing a magazine, so there might be some reason we can't do this, but it sounds like a great idea to me--I'll make sure Steve sees it. Thank you!
  9. For those that want to visit (revisit?) "Mayberry," the Savannah Region is hosting the 2021 AACA Southeastern Divisional Tour in Mt. Airy, NC, on 11-15 October 2021. As you can imagine, a lot of the activities are centered on places & things associated with Andy Griffith.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that the Southern Alberta Antique & Classic Auto Club's Early Bird Swap Meet had to be cancelled, but it's understandable considering the current circumstances. I realize it wouldn't be an "early bird" activity, but any chance you'll be able to reschedule the swap meet to later in the year after things improve? Off topic, but out of curiosity, has the SAACAC considered becoming an AACA region? We don't have one in Alberta.
  11. Hello Bob, A belated Happy New Year! You raise some good questions. I look forward to seeing what other members have to say and suggest. The first tour on our 2021 schedule is the Southeastern Divisional Tour in Florida on 19-21 April. So far it's a go. The Vintage Tour that you're hosting is 11-16 July. I would hope we'd be through the pandemic by then (we'll see), able to return to some degree of normality, and many of the restrictions in place now would be lifted by then and alleviate some of your planning concerns. (I realize hope is not
  12. Hello Bill, Descriptions of the National Awards are contained in Section 3 of the AACA Policy & Procedure Manual, which you can find on the AACA webpage (www.aaca.org) under the "Publications" tab. https://www.aaca.org/Publications/policy-a-procedure-manual.html (Note that the manual is being updated for 2021, but the award descriptions will remain the same.) Peter is correct--the list of 2020 National Award Winners has not been released or posted yet. It's released after the awards have been announced at the AACA Annual Convention, which, because of the postpone
  13. My condolences to his family. I didn't know Mr. Miller, but was fortunate to meet him briefly when my wife & I first visited (about 10-12 years ago) the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum, which is housed in the former Miller Motors Hudson dealership building. He was a piece of living history and helped preserve both the history of the Hudson automobile and the automotive industry in the Ypsilanti area. The used parts counter in the museum is like stepping back in time. Mr. Miller definitely left a legacy that will have impact for generations. May he rest in peace.
  14. It's been a challenging year for everyone. Fortunately, we have great Chairpersons & host regions/chapters for each of our Nationals and Tours, and they've been rolling with the punches and overcoming & adapting to each challenge thrown their way. Let's hope things improve quickly so we can return to some degree of normalcy and begin enjoying our AACA (and other) activities again soon. The Wyndham & Courtyard facility in Gettysburg is great. We'll be returning there again in 2023 for the Eastern Spring Nationals hosted by the Gettysburg Region on 18-20 May 2023.
  15. Thanks for posting this, Peter! I know many members already contributed to the new building--and each and every donation, no matter how small or large, is greatly appreciated--but it would be nice for our club to end 2020 on a positive note and debt free. A good friend recommended we consider how much we would've spent attending any of the AACA (and other) activities we had to cancel this year and consider donating some of that money to the AACA Building Fund. It's a great suggestion. I hope you'll join me in doing so. Best wishes to everyone! Here's to
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