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  1. Sorry for the confusion. I can find an aftermarket rim blow switch, but only in the color black, whereas I prefer the color green. Havent been able to source such. In hope that someone in here have an idea to whom, or where, to contact.
  2. I have one of these cheap Chineese ultra sonic cleaner. and it is doing an OK job. It manage to remove deposits. I have been using pure water, water with dishwashing liqued and so on. But today I am using a cleaning detergent made for an Ultra sonic cleaner. Proffesionaly have haved worked with costly US cleaners. They are a bit faster. But result is the same. Quit happy with it. Lars
  3. Hi I am searching for a rim blow switch for a 1972 Mercury Marquis. Did find a new aftermarket switch, but only available in the color green. My Mercury has green interior,green steering wheel with a green rim blow switch! Do anyone have an idea of where and who to contact for such green rim blow switch? Lars
  4. I'm located in Denmark. And we dont actually have exhaust shops. I can buy complete exhaust systems to all european cars. But not for an older american vehicle. Hence it would be easier for me to place an order in the US for a complete exhaust system. Lars
  5. Thanks for your reply. I have send an inquiry to Waldron exhaust. Lars
  6. I have not been able to source a complete dual exhaust system for my 1972 Mercury Marquis. Anyone in here who can recommend a supplier for a proper and silent exhaust system? Lars
  7. Naasaa

    Floor mats

    I myself think that it is a cool looking car; smooth drive. Bought it back in 1984. Took it all a part, sandblasted and repainted the frame, suspension, and body after reassembling. Rebuild the original 429. Floor mats is not the biggest issue today. I have the C6 transmission out for rebuild. Engine is soaking before start-up. Putting on new tyres, brakes, exhaust, etc. Why I'm asking for floor mats is that I am after mats with a proper fit and of a proper quality. And not Pep Boys and like. I found the ACC floor mats and is placing an order. Lars
  8. Naasaa

    Floor mats

    In 1994 I parked my 1972 Mercury Marquis Brougham temporary in a barn. Now, 23 year later I pulled it out. Under layers of dust and dirt, it was still were I parked it. Anyway. A lot to do before bringing her back to shape. One of them is new floor mats, matching the green interior. Can anyone recommend a supplier of new floor mats in good quality and proper fit? Lars
  9. Thanks for your reply. I tried Faxon, but they do not have any. But will check with the other. the gearbox and rear axel are in need for an overhaul. Hence I need a manual. thanks Lars
  10. Hi I am in need for a workshop manual for a 1929 Nash Standard Six. Anyone here who can direct me? thanks Lars
  11. I have no idea way the photo is upside down!
  12. Hi TM Thanks for your reply. Good hint about a puller. But I'm not even there yet. I had try to find away for the horn button to kind of pop-up. But didn't succeed. Please note attaced photo of steering wheel/column. Thanks Lars
  13. Hi About to overhaul the steering gear on a 1929 Nash Six. I'm a bit unsure of how to remove the steering wheel, and as well concerned about brake anything. Anyone here who can guide in this? Thanks Lars
  14. Thanks Keiser Patent number is correct, but not quit the same carburetor. A bit strange? Would like to recon the brand in order to find a rebuild kit. Lars
  15. Hi This is the carburetor from my 1929 Nash. Its not the original, but it runs well with it in the past, but now its in need for a rebuild. Piston seal really bad, and much slack in the throttle shaft. The thing is that I can find a brand name on the casting either inside or outside. In hope that anyone here can recognize it. Thanks Lars