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  1. All were 16" except 60 series (Century). The tire size for 40 series is listed as 6.50x16, wheel size is 4.5x16. 80 series is 7.00x 16 tire w/ 5.00x16 wheel. Bolt circles 40-5" 60-5 1/2" 80-5 1/2" 90-6" Are the tires more modern and have a wider aspect than original? Les
  2. Thanks Bud, your roadmaster looks great, I have Dave's phone number, I just have not called him yet. As for the transmission mount, I need the steel bar which goes from one side to the other like a crossmember. When I bought the car 38 years ago this had been replaced with a piece of flat steel with no space for the 2 rubber isolaters. I have no idea what ever happened to it since the car was intact and drivable. My 36 Century is on its way back together. Leaving for Floride and when I get back in May it will be time to get the body back on the frame. I know everybody likes pictures but I have
  3. I am looking to buy a transmission support #1294368, fits 36-60/80/90 and 37-80/90 series, also a grease cap #1289270, fits 36-60/80 and 37,38,39-80 series. Grease cap measures approx. 2 3/8" outside diameter. Would appreciate any info. Les Monn
  4. After following the link to Judson register I am almost convinced that this was meant for supercharged cars only. Without the increased compression afforded by the supercharger I would think you risk fouling plugs and having an engine that blows smoke out the exhaust. You will not need a lead additive due to the low compression ratio of this engine. My advice is to use non ethanol gas. Your buick engine is a fine piece of equipment and this would be detrimental. Les
  5. The 40 series rear brake drums are steel backed with cast iron lining surfaces, lining width is 1 3/4". 60/80 series are all cast iron with ribs on the outside and have a lining surface of 2". Both are 12" inside and slide onto the axle flange. 90 series are 14" and are different. Les Monn
  6. Ole cabbagehead, I think I talked to you and the gentleman from Lancaster, Pa. with the 37 in HPOF, could be mistaken, but I believe that his car was a model 61 (Century). I am working on a 36-61, (complete body off) which I started 37 years ago. Drove it home and took the door panels off to replace cracked glass and window channels, next thing the body was off the frame. After 31 years in business, I finally got back to it last year. Engine has been rebuilt, brake cylinders resleeved, all new brake lines,fuel lines vacuum lines, exhaust system,wiring harness,carb and fuel pump rebuilt, etc. S
  7. Ok Jim, about three months ago I was wondering the same thing, except the shocks on my 36 were dry. After a lot of searching on the internet, I had all kinds of answers, so I found some hydraulic jack fluid on the shelf, put that in and they seem fine. I heard people say 20w, 30w or ATF. You could ask Apple Hydraulics what thet recommend. Les
  8. Yes, you have to remove the crank pulley, it is keyed and will only go on one way. there also are some pan bolts that have to be removed for the cover to come off.
  9. Thank you for your reply, my concern is I have read where some people were not happy with the exhaust tone of some systems, and yes, I would like to use an original style muffler. Just looking for some one who bought a system from Kepich, Waldron or Classic and was happy with the results. I do have a NORS AP muffler I bought at Hershey 35 years ago.
  10. I am about to buy an exhaust system for my model 61, anybody have any recomendations, or advice. Les Monn
  11. I would like to thank you guys for confirming that the filter Bob sells will be as close to the original as we can get. Since I am working on a 36 Century the same problem has come up. Have not purchased it yet, but now I have a better feeling that it will do the job. Thanks, Les Monn
  12. Need transmission support bracket, dust cover for front hub
  13. Just came from the garage. On mine the front bolts are studs with nuts, and the 7th back on the drivers side, the 9th back on the pass side. I really don't think it matters they are probably there to help set the head on in the right position. As you know by now, it is heavy.
  14. Wow, perfect, can 't ask for more than that. Thanks for your help. Les Monn
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