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  1. Thanks Christian, I'll try all of the above. Did you do anything with your gas tank, or are you letting the filters take care of any issues that might be coming from the tank once you replaced the furl line rubber?
  2. I have read through this thread looking for my answer. The problem: My '58 just died one day, no fuel. While replacing the fuel pump I also blew air back through the line to the tank and changed the fuel filter. Presto, we were up and running again. For a bit anyway. I noticed lots of fine black sediment building in the clear fuel filter and soon the car would run rough, hesitate on acceleration and finally just quit at stop lights. I changed the filter and this seemed to help a bit for another few outings but still the hesitation was there. It seemed to run out ok at cruising speed, but rough at low rpm. And now she just dies like she's out of fuel. Will re-start, run a bit, then die. Aargh. So, this winter I'm planning to get the original carb re-built (it's long over due), change out the fuel line and get the fuel tank cleaned. Any notes on the procedure to drain, drop and clean the tank? Any tricks to getting the fuel hose changed out? I read here that it is all rubber from tank to pump? Is the fine black residue I'm seeing in the filter from the old fuel line as todays new fuels eat it away? Looking for tips, cautions and a bit of an overview. Thanks folks!
  3. At the end of the day it turns out like this: The new condenser was bad from the store. Replaced with an old one found in my Grandpas parts bins. The wire coming from the coil to the distributor was worn where it passes through the underside of the base and was grounding. Replaced wire. Engine was severely flooded from all the attempts to start the car, hence the starting fluid had no chance to work. Let sit for 2 days to evaporate. And now, she purrs like the car she is supposed to be. I'm off for a drive. Thanks for the advice everyone!
  4. Ah, good point. I'll check for worn insulation and cracked wire coverings. Thnx.
  5. OK, thanks for that. I'll give it alla try and let you know.
  6. I was out cruising around in my '58 Super and everything was just fine. Got home, backed it into the garage and closed shop. The next day I needed to move it and when I tried to start it it fired up then began to idle rough and finally died. Next try nothing. Just turned over and over. Next day I tried it again and same result, except it would not run at all, just tried for a few seconds and died once. Then nothing. Sprayed starting fluid into the carb and tried again, but no response when I tried to start it again. Checked spark at coil output, fair. Checked for spark at plugs, one short spark upon turning over, then nothing. So, replaced Coil, points and condenser. Good spark to distributor, and good spark to plugs. But she still won't start. Just turns over and acts like there is no spark to the plugs, but there is. Tried starting fluid again, still nothing. Anyone out there have any suggestions? I can't figure out what to test/check/replace next. Help!