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  1. In all honesty, I would avoid the Corvair for a first time old car purchase. I think there would be a little too much tinkering involved for the new enthusiast, and quite honestly, no one around here (I live in South Dayton area) besides my dad, knows how to work on them for a reasonable amount. A model I like, based on your input would be the Impala's. 1965 would be the most affordable, in my opinion, followed by the 66. The 67 and 68's are too hard to get sheet metal for, so they would have to have super nice bodies, and the 69 and 70's are just slightly better for aftermarket support.
  2. A four door car can be a great and economical way to break into the hobby. Is it worth restoring? Well, I think out of a hundred people, you will get a hundred different answers as to the definition of "restoring". That being said, a restoration of every nut and bolt will not likely yield a profit on most any car, the exception being a milestone, or historically significant vehicle. Thankfully, of the people I have restored cars for, they wanted the car more than the money. Similar to the way I wanted a large flat screen. I could have bought one on Craigslist for half price, but I wanted a "fr
  3. If he used the chrome place I did last time, he should be getting it back anytime now!
  4. Better start writing some advertisements, lol!
  5. Basically, the same thing happened with my rock collecting club. While there were many members, few actively participated, and made little, if any, effort to preserve the integrity of the club. The next thing you know, a marble collector is elected to the board via a popularity contest. Afterwards, still not a peep from a majority of the membership, and suddenly a few marble collectors feel that the club needs to go in a new direction. When the membership should have reacted, they did nothing and set idly by as more and more marble collectors were put in positions of authority. Now it's too la
  6. I had to chuckle a little bit when I ran across this very old thread. I have one out sitting in my driveway, lol!
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