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  1. Hi all, I installed a new set of leaf springs. They were delivered from CPR and look like the springs that were in my car. Should these springs be straight or a kind of "pre-bent"? The springs I received are straight. Are both springs identical or is there a left and a right type? The reason for this question: When I look from behind under the car along the springs I noticed that they sit a little "strange". The hangups for the spring are not in a line and so I have to bent the spring a bit. The result is a big pressure to the fixing screws. Is that ok? Thanks ahead Wilhelm
  2. Thanks for your answer pontiac1953, sorry for my question but what is the difference between a two door sedan and a two door hardtop (regarding the windows) ? Wilhelm
  3. Hi together, the restauration is going on and now I reached the windows. I removed the inner frames and found the "guides around the windows" are worn out. I am looking for some new parts but because I am german I dont´t know the name or numer of that parts. Someone an idea about it? Or even where I can buy this guides? The originals have small pins and they brake off from the guide when I try to straighten them to remove the guide from the frame. Another question: on ebay I found a set of windows ( 6 pcs) Will they fit and would you buy it? Before I will buy them I need to know how to remove the old windowglasses and bring in the new windowglasses. For me I see no chance to bring the new in, there is nothing to remove so that I have access to the windowlever where the glass seems to be fixed. Did anybody from you already change the windowglasses and can give me a hint how to do that? Thanks in advance Wilhelm
  4. Hi together, I just started overhauling the complete car. A question concerning the drums : We found a "strange pin" and we have no idea of the function. Also we found nothing about it in the shop manual. Right hand rear drum Left hand rear drum On the right hand drum there is a kind of a graphite?? pin connected to the drum On the left hand drum there is no pin connected to the drum, maybe worked out? On the front wheels there is no pin at all. Sorry for my simple explanation, hope the pics can explain it a bit better. Somebody an explanation for me about that "pin" Regards Wilhelm
  5. Hello Kurt, thanks for your offer but I already bought the set from 50SedanDelivery. Other 1950 Pontiac parts to sell? Best regards Wilhelm
  6. Hello #helfen, yes I know that the hole british empire is based on early germans :-). The whole royal family is a result of "marriage-politics" in the european mid-age :-) I also know that the german language nearly became the offical language in the USA, for me today it would be better :-), I would have it easier to communicate with you I like your beetles, they are a real wonder concerning quality and shape, yours look like new. A very nice detail is the old metal ADAC-sign on your beetle, very rare. The chrome is unbelievable. That will be from now on the target for my pontiacs chrome too. Also your pontiac LeMans looks very beautiful, the motorroom and the motor itself looks marvellous. Have a nice day all together Wilhelm
  7. Hello #helfen, nice that I meet again a guy from america whose roots are in Germany. I worked some weeks in the USA (Hardford, Connecticut), there I also met a lot of peole with some kind of german roots, funny. Where have you been in Germany? I live in Düsseldorf, beside Cologne. Again a big thank you for your explanations and links. Very interesting, your informations. Now I know why the Pontiac is called Silverstreak. On my pontiac is also written on both sides of the car the name "Silver8Streak". That is reason why I thought that was a special model. Now I know it better, thanks. Here you can see what i mean: Sorry for my stupidness, I took the wrong word out of my online-dictionary, it should not be "noun" but "transmission shaft". In Germany we call it Kardanwelle. Rework in my opinion means to bring the original parts back to their original function or looking. For example I have to - renew the complete wiring because the one in my car is in a very bad condition - renew the complete chrome - renew the painting - renew all windows because most a them are in a bad condition - overhaul the stearingbox (LENKGETRIEBE) because I can turn my sterringwheel approx. 20cm to the left and right but nothing happens to the wheels - overhaul the carburator, its leaking - repair a bend of the frame in the front bumper area and the bumper itself, because the car must have an accident in that area. The bumber including the frame is completely shift for min. 10cm to the left side, some holes are in the chrome from the accident, have a look and so on and on......... But at all the car seems to be in a very good conditon for a 64 year old car. I'm not going to replace original parts with second party parts as long as i can restore those. I did this kind of rework on my old motorbike (Modell 1972) the last three years and the result you may see here Now i need a new job :-) Wilhelm
  8. Hello #helfen you are right, it is a 8 cylinder Flathead, 3 gear, manual shifted. The car has a sign each site " SILVER 8 STREAK". No idea how to know if it is really a Silverstreak. On the 3. of September I have a date with the German TÜV, to check the car. Then I can post the numbers of the plate on the firewall. Hopefully you can tell me than the exact type of my new baby. When i have the German licence plate i can drive some miles to check what technical components i have to rework. The first miles were ok, motor is running and starting perfekt. The mechanic under the car as well as the seats are already reworked by the previous owner. Looks like a fine rework. The generator and the regulator i already reworked myself. Will send some pictures from under the car as soon as I get the car back from the garage which in the moment is stopping the leaking of oil somewhere in the area of the noun ( is that the correct english word? ) Thank you for your interest. Wilhelm
  9. Hello #helfen thanks a very lot for your answers and links. For me it was a very interessting view on that detail of my car. Here you may see why i need a set of hubcaps, my car is without those eyecatchers. Best regards Wilhelm
  10. Hello #helfen, thanks for your answer and for the link. My last question to the caps is now : For what modell are the caps with the indian head shown in my link above, really Chieftain 1951? Thanks for an answer
  11. Hi all, i just found on ebay a set of 1951 hubcaps (for me they look new and not used) and ask myself : 1. Is there a company who produce new hubcaps like those? 2. Will these caps fit to my 1950 Chieftain SilverStreak 8 cyl. 2 Door Sedan? Has someone a picture of the ORIGINAL hubcaps of a 1950 Chieftain SilverStreak. I saw a lot of different caps on pics of 1950 Chieftains and dont know, which one are the correct caps. Greetings from Germany Wilhelm
  12. Hello together, i am glad that i found this forum and want to say hello. I just registered myself and hope that you can answer some questions that i will have in the next months during the restauration of my "brandnew" 1950 Pontiac Chieftain Silverstreak 2 Door Sedan. I bought the baby last month here in Germany with an US-Title from Virginia. The condition is not too bad, motor running, not too much rust, chrome bad. The next days i try to upload some photos. Have a nice day (or night) ( Sorry for my english, hope it is not too bad )