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  1. Hi Desotodav, I have previously tried Antique Tyres some time back without any luck. I will try and give them a call tomorrow. I was previously told their supplier didn't have them any more. Iwill be in the USA later this year and will be attending Hershey swap. I should be able to find a set there.
  2. Thanks for the interest. No luck yet. Still looking for 5 trim rings. Any ideas? Gary
  3. I'll take a picture tonight. It's a standard 17 inch Artillery steel wheel.
  4. Hi TJ Richards, Thanks for the picture. Wish mine was still as the new one in the picture looks. Gary
  5. Hi Dave, Yes, the KC is a truck series. What you call "Pickups" in the states, we commonly call "Utes" (short for Utilities). To further complicate things in the early days completed vehicles imported into Australia were heavily taxed. Most vehicles came into Australia as running chassis with front sheet metal only. The body from the windscreen back were then made by local coach builders to either the original manufacturers specification or in my case to a style that the coach builder specialised in. The vehicle I have was built by a company called Hope Body Works who amongst
  6. Hi Guys, I'm in Australia. I'm looking for a set of trim rings (I think they are sometimes called Glamour rings in the USA) to fit my 35 Dodge standard rims. They are 17 inch rims. If anyone has a set they want to part with I would love to hear from you. If not if anyone knows where I can purchase a set in the USA. I would like 5 if I can get them.
  7. Hi, Do you still have a set of the king pins available? Could you also advise the postage costs to Melbourne Australia Post code 3806. Thankyou Gary
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