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  1. First click does turn on the the front parking lights and the tail lights. When I turn it one more click that should turn on the headlights I get nothing. I assume the tail lights should stay on in the headlight position and the two front parking lights go off? While I had it in the headlight position I tried pushing the dimmer switch several times and still nothing. Does that circuit breaker just cover the headlights only or if the parking lights work, it's ok?
  2. Thanks. Does anyone have a wire diagram? I have a digital meter. How do I use it to know/find a short if there is one? Put it to ohms setting? What number/s show a short? If it zeros out it's ok? Do those old circuit breakers function well? Fail often?
  3. I recently bought this car that is in pretty nice shape. The headlights don't work. The park lights do. I've investigated some and know the headlights has a circuit breaker. I know where that is at. How do I know if that device still works? (it is in a terrible place) Note: The battery was hooked up wrong when I got it (negative post was the ground) I staightened that out. Any ideas are welcomed.
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