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  1. Nick, nice photos! I'll admit, I know nothing about these cars. I own a 54 chevy 310, 65 mustang convertible GT, 66 mustang resto mod, and a 67 special edition pink (yes, pink). But I appreciate all classic vehicles.
  2. 48-57 ? kaiser special grille, no dents, straight, very little pitting on a sides of a few vertical bars, no rust, GREAT CONDITION $195 plus shipping see ebay ad, seller http://www.ebay.com/usr/autopartsnstuff
  3. This is for a 49 to 51, 6V (thanks, Jim!). I have not powered it up. Asking $250 plus shipping. Similar ones online run $80 to $350, but they are slightly different. The paint near 3 and 4 digits is faded. Otherwise, in great shape. I'm having troubles getting attachments to work, feel free to send me a private message and we'll find a way to get photos to you. thanks! Scott
  4. I posted a similar post asking if anyone know what this part is. Since I'll end up selling it, here it is: I think it is for a 30-31 pierce arrow coupe and goes on the inside kick panel/cowl, drivers side. If interested, let me know. I'm not sure my photo is working, feel free to email me at stanfield-family@hotmail.com and I will send you photos.
  5. I received this in an auction. I think it is for a 30-31 Pierce Arrow coupe. From a search of photos, it looks to go on the inside left cowl/kick panel. Can anyone verify? And, what is it called?
  6. My grandfather acquired a few grilles. I think this one is from a 41 Dodge Luxury Liner. It's a 4 piece. Email me if interested. Asking $350 plus shipping costs and insurance (if wanted). A 3 piece is on ebay with one broken piece for $250.
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