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  1. Tom, Its actually the 2 trim pieces under the back windows right behind the doors. Thanks, Brian
  2. Hello, going to fix a small dent in rear fender and want to remove the rear fender upper ornament grille. Any advice or tips would be appreciated. Thanks, Brian
  3. My riviera was stuck in traffic yesterday an got really hot temp gauge went over 200 degrees and stalled. Let it cool for a while and was fine. today checking the fan clutch I noticed it was spinning freely when the engine was off. Is this normal and could this be the cause of the engine getting to hot. Thanks in advance
  4. I thought is was an after market piece, but no one is selling it. It looks old and the fit looks right. It has a consistent gap around the edge like it was made for it.
  5. This is the emblem on my 1963 Riviera. I have only seen the tri-shield emblem and am wondering if this is an after market emblem or is it an original? Thanks, Brian
  6. My 63 came with them, at first I did not like them. But after a while they kind of grow on you.
  7. Nice job, came out great. Did you also use the paint on the hard plastic under the armrests? Thanks, Brian
  8. Hey Ed, I am curious how you can tell what year the seats are? Thanks, Brian
  9. Thanks guys. I knew something was different. Great advise as always. Brian
  10. Any recommendations on new battery for a 63 Riviera, 445, 325 HP. Thanks, Brian
  11. Hey Pete, Saw this in the Clarks catalog. I think they are asking $36.00. Brian
  12. Chris, Had my 63' package tray off today, my speaker grill has 2 tabs on the top that insert through the package tray into slots in the frame. 2 screws on the bottom screw into a bracket. I will send 2 pics. Hope these help. Brian