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  1. Just a FYI: I'm flexible and will sell things like engines separately to a good home. I'd like to see these parts used. I can also keep a car and parts for myself and sell the other car and extra's. I'm still interested in restoring one, but I don't need both.
  2. Seeking a buyer interested in the entire METZ project(s) and parts. Includes 1915,1917 chassis, extra engines, parts, bodywork as shown in pictures. Restoration and collection of parts started by my father before his passing. I've done my best to care for them and organize them into one garage. I don't need to sell and I have been contemplating restoration but time is short and I have too many other priorities. I've come to the point where I would rather they go to an interested / motivated buyer than to have them sit for another 10 years until I get to
  3. My apologies for breaking FSW ettiquite, original post updated with that information.
  4. Yes it is! I have many parts and a good head start on what is a mostly assembled (with big parts) car and the earlier parts car. There is a huge amount of info gathering and parts gathering I need to do. I'm going to need to spend time sorting out true Metz parts from other auto parts. Unfortunately my background paperwork is limited so I'll likely need some help during the restoration. Luckily they are relatively simple cars My first goal is to get it running and driving, then worry about the coachwork. The chassis and wheels have been painted but the hood looks original with a nice pa
  5. Hello Everyone. My first post here, I almost fell off my chair when I found AACA has a METZ forum, it's really great to see! I have inherited one 1917 Metz my father started restoration on and one basketcase for parts (basically just a chassis and some sheet metal). I would like to finish the 1917 (or at least get it running) and am trying to get it titled, but I could use some help finding the chassis # The only plate I can find is screwed onto the drivers side firewall (reference attached). It's a Selden Patent plate. Is this what METZ used as the data plate and is the number the seri
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