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  1. I replaced it 14 years ago when I had the engine rebuilt, but it's definitely a possibility and it's something I have considered doing again.
  2. I should have added I have a 6 volt fan for the parades and when I'm sitting in traffic and yes its flowing throw the radiator from the front.
  3. About 14 years ago I had the engine completely rebuilt and the radiator re-rotted and replaced the thermostat. I just recently re-rotted the radiator and flushed the block over the weekend. She still wants to get hot while idling. I have it advanced 2 degrees from TDC. She does ok when the temperature is 70 - 85 outside.
  4. I have a 1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4 door sedan. Here's my question When they built the Plymouth's is it possible they put different radiators in them to accommodate climates. An other words the I live in Las Vegas where the temperature can get up over 100 in the summer. Plymouth had 3 plants where they built mine came from the mid west and lived in Wisconsin till 18 years ago. I have always had problem with the car not cooling well when it's over 90. Is there a deference in the cars built in LA versus Detroit or Indiana? John