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  1. Well, I do not use the AC, it does has an oil leak at one of the seals replaced under one of the numerous recalls, the headliner fabric is weak, and the oem am-fm radio has an issue with the on/off switch. I just leave it on all the time. That's all that I know of.
  2. 1984 Pontiac Fiero SE, 4 cylinder, auto, sunroof, factory air, all original 66137 MILES! This is an orginal paint other than the front bumper cover and right fender (both painted when it was 6 months old) survivor. Must see, all types of paperwork included, window sticker, service manual, invoice to purchase as a GM employee, etc.... My father bought it new. Ordered in October of 1983, delivered in January 1984. 30 years in the same family! It is a true preservation auto. It still has original belts and hoses. Interior is all original and beautiful. Headlights go up and down like they should! This car is all about preservation, not restoration. Take it to car shows, put it on display, whatever you want! The AC was converted to R134 in the late 90s, it has some type of restriction, so I do not use the air. It has had all of the campaigns done for the oil leaks, but it still leaks some oil. Just letting everyone know that it is a 30 year old GM car, so it is not without it's sins. I hate to sell it, but I do not have time to drive it. It needs to be with a collector that will treat it like the time capsule it is. You can reach me at 336-707-0639 The car is located in Burlington North Carolina. I am asking 5995.00 for it. This includes all documentation.
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