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  1. Steve V we are in San Diego county. We live in Poway, CA and have a shop in Escondido, CA. It is solid when you tap it.
  2. Here is a shot of the speedometer with milage. And the serial number on the engine block.
  3. My grandpa and I have a 1942 Harley Davidson Flathead for sale. We are trying to sell the bike because we prefer vehicles with 4 wheels and need the money to fix up some of our cars. It is a WWII Canadian Army bike with only 6,300 miles on it. The bike is in very good condition and is ready to run. I have included photos below. We have all of the parts missing from the photos including the fenders and the horn/plate from the front. We had to partially disassemble the bike to get it home in the RV from Canada. We want it to go to a loving home where the new owner will be proud to own it.
  4. Looking for fuel tank for 1937 Buick Roadmaster Series 80. An acceptable used tank or new/remanufactured is desired. The original tank on the car is beyond repair. It was parked several years ago full of gas. It is extemely thick and corroded. I also need a sending unit for the car. I have already been to 2 people that told me they had a tank for this car and they did not. This car is a Canadian model, which has a different tank from what I can gather. It is a 20 gallon tank. I have included a photo of the size and shape of the tank as an attatchment. Any additional information would be appreciated. We are looking forward to getting this car back on the road.
  5. Looking for a replacement fuel tank new or used for my 1937 Buick Roadmaster Series 80. The tank that is on the car is not usable because of the years the car sat with fuel in the tank. It is chunky and rusted throughout. I have been told by a cleaning service that the tank cannot be saved. It will disintigrate as part of the cleaning process. Unfortunately I have already made 2 trips to people that said they had a tank for this car. Niether of them had the right tank. This is a Canadian built car (which has a different tank) from the US cars. It is a 20 gallon tank. I have included a photo below of the tank.
  6. Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it! We have been waiting 15 long years to get this beautiful classic back on the road. If you want to see pictures of the car, check out my album.
  7. Thanks again Jon. The above information is very helpful. I have read in some places that the carb was a huge problem on the 37 & 38s. It was a flawed design because of the over-complexity of it. You have confirmed this with your in-depth information. We hope to keep the car all original. I know it is rare to find one of these cars that still has the Inline 8 in them. A lot of people put a more modern and reliable drivetrain in them, although it kills the value of the car. Most of the people who kept the Inline 8's have gone to a carb conversion to a Holley or Carter. We were hoping we could have an all original cruiser and enjoy it.
  8. Matthew we may be interested. I do not know what a AAVB267 carb is. Is is a Stromberg carb? Can you email me a couple photos and a price, in case it will work. mustangfreak_b@yahoo.com
  9. Thanks Jon for the info, it is greatly appreciated. Hopefully this will make finding the part a little easier. My Grandfather is a master mechanic and has been wrenching on cars for over 60 years. There is a guy in San Diego who offered to make us the part, but mechanics hate to pay another person any money to fix something for them. If we have further questions I will let you know. Thanks Again, Brandon
  10. Looking for a specific part for the Stromberg AA-2 carburetor on our 1937 Buick Roadmaster Series 80. The car has the 320ci "Fireball" I-8. We are interested in finding the specific part we need or an entire carburetor that we can use for parts. We have a rebuild kit already and the choke cable missing from the photos. What we need is the shaft that connects to the butterflyfly valve that the choke cable connects to. Ours was cut off and had a welded bend put on when the previous owner added a manual choke. We want to go back to the original auto-choke. If you cannot order the part for us, do you have any information as to where we may be able to get this part. We are willing to buy an upper carb to get it. See the photos attached for a better idea of what we need.
  11. Do you have a carburetor for a 1937 Buick Roadmaster Series 80 with the 320 ci Fireball I-8 engine?
  12. Do you have a carburetor for a 1937 Buick Roadmaster Series 80 with the 320 ci Fireball I-8 engine?
  13. Are any of the carbuetors still available? I need one for 1937 Buick Roadmaster Series 80. With the 320 ci Fireball I-8.
  14. I am looking for a Stromberg Aerotype Carburetor for a 1937 Buick Roadmaster Series 80. It has the Fireball 320 ci Inline 8. My grandpa and I have looked everywhere to find parts for this thing and are not having any luck. The car was parked 12 years ago because the carburetor is to blame for it not running very good. The previous owner bypassed the auto-choke by bending the lever that connects the mechanism to that part of the carburetor. He installed a manual choke in order to get it to run. We wish to return it to factory original. We have found a couple of places that sell rebuild kits for the carburetor but no where can we find the upper portion to replace it. The current carb we have is complete just not fully functioning. If anyone has one for sale or knows someone who does it would be appreciated. I am totally out of ideas. We want to keep the car as original as possible. The Model is an A-22 or 22-A from what info I can find on it.
  15. We are in the process of working on a 1937 Buick Roadmaster Series 80 trying to get it road ready so we can enjoy it. I am having problems finding parts anywhere for something this old. We would would prefer OEM parts that look original on this car. From what we know everything on the car is factory. There are a couple things missing, nothing major. As we drive the car we will need certain things to keep it on the road. I posted some images of the car in my profile gallery. Some of the things that appear to be missing like the carburetor and bumpers are not. The bumpers were removed and chromed recently. The carburetor has been removed so we can rebuild it. Any suggestions or information would be helpful. All the places that I have found that have classic Buick parts only go back to 1946.
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