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  1. great thanks! thats the information I needed
  2. so both starters will interchange each other with no problem? from my knowledge all engines from 54-56 are nearly the same, starter sits on drivers side. maybe someone can surely say if the 1107646 will work on a 1955 264 nalihead engine
  3. hi all, I have a 1955 buick special with a delco starter 1107621. now I can buy a starter from a 1956 buick delco number 1107646 as spare part. it looks like the same, but does it really fit and work? why I ask is, in the 1955 shop manual it says the starter rotates clockwise, in the 1956 it says counter-clockwise. is that correct? cause then in my opinion it will not work. but all sellers say both starters are for 1954, 1955 and 1956 nailheads. confussing for me...
  4. thats normal, if you ONLY drain the oil pan, check your shop manual then you only have to put in about 6 qt of oil! when you also drain the converter too, its about 9 qt and if its completely dry its about 10qt. but either you should check level in between when car is running after a oil change, and oil should be warm because it extends when warm. you will not damage the gearbox with 3-5 qt of oil in it and running without driving to fill up the oil correct to level between low and max an the dipstick. now you have to remove some oil!
  5. at mine too, also no bulb for it...
  6. I just removed the 4 bolts from the steering gear box and lift it up a bit. so the steering wheel inside comes down und you can easily remove or mount the dash.
  7. I am new into buicks and when I bought the car I dont know much about every little part of it, like everyone. when the seller told you all is complete and you dont see that sometimes just little parts are missing or maybe are defect (much of them you find out until you work on the car, not before), what would you do? I bought the car from the US and of course it was cheap too... but first and last time for sure! some screws or little parts doesnt matter for me, you just need to know how the part looks like and where to buy and the car was nearly complete, only a few missing small parts and screws or bad looking old parts, like the headlight bezels (I know now that these are hard to find).
  8. sorry for being late on the feedback. some weeks ago I changed these side seals at the rear bearing cap with the rubber parts incl the metal stick. I could remove the old cork seals with just a screw into it and pull it out, after that I was sure it was dripping there new parts work fine, put them in together with permatex no2. I started the engine some times last days and checked it everday on leaks. my engine is now 100% dry, I am very happy. thanks for your help...
  9. I am in germany, thats my problem. I have no car near to me where I can have a look... checke the roof line, I found some holes in the roof metal while pushing the headliner a bit. not all, but that make sense the only open point for me is how the screws looks like, especially at the front glass molding? for the back glass molding I have the screws (wondering, they seems to be very long).
  10. yes that option I know. but it is mor easier to know how it looks like, cause I dont want to destroy my new headliner if the screws go there. for me its not clear where the screws go through, without headliner in I also have seen no holes (what I remember, but not sure). so any help or better pictures would be very nice...
  11. I checked your videos, but they doesnt help me. is it possible that can make good picture where the screw holes are front and back glass for all moldings at the car body? and would also be nice to see the screws from the front glass molding and what size und length they have. these are completely missing, from the back glass molding I have them.
  12. ohh nice I will check this, have seen you thread, thanks for the hint. its also a 2dr hardtop, so perfect for me
  13. hi there... I am now on the way to put the interior together but I dont know where the colored inside moldings around front and back glass would be assembled?! my problem, I bought the car with these parts not mounted, so I dont know how it looks original. I have a new headliner in and dont see any screw holes. I just saw from the back window the screws are very long, for the front I dont have the right screws yet. does anyone has detailed pictures or explosion views how to mount them all? any help or tips would be great. its a 1955 buick special 2dr hardtop
  14. great thanks, yes a dry test I prefer in that case and after that also much sealer. better more than less
  15. thanks for your tips... and when I understand right from the description. first I put the cap to the engine and then push the rubber incl seal in, then tapping in the metal expanders, flush all and after that fill it with seal, right? and have I really to chamfer the original cap?
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