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  1. Little late on the conversation, new member, but I have a 63 Riviera and I like those rims also. What I'm looking to do is more of a low profile and wider stance. The original rims and tires, I feel, are swallowed up in the inner fenders. I have a set of old Cragar SS in 15" but I think a 17" would fill the inner well much better. One tire company suggested to me a 17x8 in a 225 or 235 50 17 tire. Can I get some feedback from you guys. Is it possible that I can get away with using my 15" Cragars?? and if so what kind of bigger tire and size would look good? I copied the newstalgiawheel site from you Steve, sounds like a good reference. I still would like some feedback though. Just to throw it out there I also have a used Dyna flow transmission from my 63 Riviera for sale if anybody is interested. Bryan
  2. Hi, I'm looking for input on tires and wheels for my 63 Riviera. I like the 5 star chrome look with the wider and lower stance. Someone suggested a 17x8 in a 225 or 235 50 17. Any suggestions? Also I am planning on staying with the original drum brakes. Any companies that I can inquire that have the package rims and tires mounted and balanced to your door? Thanks
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