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  1. I'm considering an air ride system for my 63, what are good brands and systems to consider? Is there one that's best bang for buck? I've heard wireless control is available but would rather have hard wired control. Also do tires have to be in a certain size range? Thanks for input.
  2. I was there man! I talked with the owner of this 64, cool guy with wit. The black paint had enormous depth that the pictures can't translate, the gloss was mesmerizing. He said it was a true 2-4 barrel car kx code. He had a kph speedo lens installed (0-200), nice touch. Very clean, one of three rivs I saw over two days. One 65 and two 64s.
  3. Rich I agree with you, and with the popularity as you stated there is good recourses on the internet to see how others did it with just about every style; including this thread and others. I will say that price had everything to do with it, I lost a head gasket just before this and had to pay for the heads to be machined and rebuilt- and all the top end gasket work, so with $2k ish for wheels and tires just didn't seem practicle at the time. My buddy had these with the new tires you see for $500 so I went for it. It scratched my itch and looks killer- and functions the same as OEM.
  4. For those that have aftermarket wheels: I've been considering putting on a set of staggered wheels on my 63 like American racing torque thrust or that style, from the info I'm finding I was thinking 18x8 for the front and 19x9 for the rear. I'm not sure what the best tire size would be or ideal offset so there is no rubbing or issues. I'd love to have the option of having an all stock look or a modern look. Maybe you guys can chime in to hear what some of you have done and what works and of course, photos if possible. I don't want to discount the possibility of air ride in the future, currently my car is stock suspension. Thanks!
  5. I had my gas gauge working well, but now it has a mind of its own; coming on here and there. Im still trying to solidify my color choice for paint. My wife has an 09 enclave with a nice stock color I like, anyone have photos of 1st gen with tinted windows? Ive got the car sanded and stripped, waiting on getting it to the booth, when I see other classic cars rolling around I really start chomping at the bit to get her done, my projection was for summer this year car shows. I'm on track for that but still antsy regardless
  6. I pulled apart the hubcaps after deciding to hold off on new rims, painted and polished every part. They came out so nice I'll keep them! here is before and after photo
  7. Update; interior is done for now, prepping for paint
  8. Ed- that's what I thought, but you never know... David- the two holes drilled were to hold the hand held cb radio!! Sean- Too funny, there it is!
  9. This is mounted to my 63 console, I'm preparing to replace the black material that's glued on the console and it got me thinking: is this an original badge to the car (originally yellow colored car)? I never thought it was, maybe some religious thing? I did a search and came up empty, although I didn't spend a lot of time doing it. So I'm at a point where I should keep it or put it in the pile, just wanted to see if anyone here seen or heard of such a thing. Thanks!
  10. I thought this was cool to share. Check out the link: http://www.mike2.com/2010/07/25/leonard-nimoy-and-his-1964-buick-riviera/
  11. Here are my impressions of the transmission: L has very good low speed torque and drives comfortably without too much revs to about 40 mph. D takes quite a bit of fuel and time to get going off the line, but once up to about 15-20mph off it goes! I have yet to take it on the freeway, I need to rebuild the brake booster first. Ed, do these impressions run consistent to what you know on the dynaflow? sat I spent the day working in the riviera, first the exhaust manifold gasket was addressed with only one broken bolt head to deal with. Then to the fuel gauge; I learned that it was an open circuit when tested which means there was a disconnect somewhere. I pulled the sending unit to find this. i crimped the connection with a piece of copper and soldered it, presto! Piece by piece it's coming together. Hopefully today I'll get some of the last electrical issues dealt with.
  12. great advice, I did this tonight and realized the driver side is working better and I think it will work real good after it soaks in. The passenger is off the track. the P and R are at far ends from each other, the transmission works in accordance with the shifter marks. From the amount of work involved it must have been done long ago before that knowledge was easily known.(?) That explains why it doesn't start in L! Good stuff! its definitely KW it was running so bad the car wouldn't stay running, let alone drive. thanks for the feedback guys!