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  1. dear sir you have helped me in the past too find some hard parts to find and i hop you can help me with what i need now. i have a 1929 model a ford truck that i need a new gas tank for. do you know of anyone that has or makes this gas tank? i would even like a supplier from off shore if i could get one. can you help me with this problem? Tex holliday
  2. Ben i have been rebuilding a 1952 Buick straight 8 engine 263 Ci has solid lifters and i am not sure if i an adjusting the valves correctly. the motor is sitting is a motor stand not in a let you know what i did is this. i turned the engine until #1 cylinder was at tdc and the mark on the flywheel was in the timing window. then i adjusted the valves too .015,both int.& ext at this setting. then i moved to cyl #6 and repeated too adjust the valves there. i used a light hooked to the coil too tell me when the plug fired. i went all the way through the firing order like this but the engine still will not fire. i have too be doing something wrong. should i be setting the valves lash at the heel of the lobe? what would be the procedure too do it that way? can i start at cyl#1 at tdc and adjust say valves 5,8,1,7 etc just using this as a example.what do you think? Tex holliday
  3. i am in need of a set of solid lifters and the push rods to match them. i have a 1952 Buick straight 8 engine 263 Ci. the diameter of the lifter is 1.000". let me know what i you have. Tex holliday
  4. i am in need of a 1952 Buick special series 40 fuel pump for a 263 ci. motor. i just called kanter auto parts but they need too know how many screws are in the fuel pump section of the pump(2 stage pump). the person at the counter probey knew as little about what he is selling as anyone i have encountered there. can someone here please teach me how to order the pump i need for my engine? i have no core to campier it too so i am in the dark here. can some one please enlighten me?
  5. thank you sir for your information. i have setup a dial indicator just as you mentioned. what i need is the factory spec. for the lobe high on a brand new cam. i need this for my base line to compare all my other findings too.
  6. can someone tell me the cam lobe height on a 1952 Buick 263 Ci straight 8 engine?
  8. dear sir i just multiplied the rocker arm ratio (1.45) x .230 and got the sum of .3335 . that is real close to the book spec. if your formula is the correct one to use. it would be too easy at this time to say that the cam is good. i would like to get some more opinions before i say that your formula is sound. thank you so very much for your input. this is what makes this internet site so valuable. steamgas
  9. i need help with a 1952 straight 8 engine camshaft..i just checked the cam lobe lift with a dial indicator. it measures .230. the book says it should be .348. could a cam wear that much over the life of the engine or could this be a special grind from a camshaft rebuild shop just to save the cam? the difference is so close to .125 that it makes me think in that direction. i checked 2 other lifters and the are the same lift. any help will be needed. steamgas
  10. i need 2 1952 rocker arm shaft towers. this is for a 1952 Buick super,straight 8 engine,263 cui. if you have any please include price and postage to 24126 zip code.
  11. thank you very much sir. i overhauled a 1940 engine several years ago and had no problems. i thought maybe the Buick engineers have changed things since then. would it help to apply a little heat to it?
  12. i have a 1952 Buick engine 263 Ci. inline 8 cyl. i started to disassemble the rocker arm assembly and ran into a problem right at the start. i can not get the alum.pedestal to slide off the shaft at all. can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong?
  13. dear sir thank you so very much. you don't know how much that helps me. tex
  14. can someone here decode this Buick straight 8 motor number for me? 68768325 i need all the information i can get for this number. email me at
  15. i am looking for a intake/exhaust manifold for a 1940 buick engine.must be free from cracks or wore-page.damper must be free moving.need to be located in the southwestern part of Virginia so i can drive to pick it up.