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  1. Guys I'm looking at a coupe and the firewall tag says: 16H-57-785 Can anyone I'd this vehicle?
  2. Guys I'm looking at a coupe and the firewall tag says: 16H-57-785 Can anyone I'd this vehicle?
  3. does anyone have a actual picture of the vin stamped on frame rail? Also, does anyone make a reproduction vin tag that goes on the drivers door pillar? those tags seem to love to fall off after 60+ years! thanks.
  4. looking for info on 33-34 ford panels, anything at all. it would be great to talk with someone who owns one.
  5. looking for vin location, did they simply use the stamped number on the 216 that was by the distributor? engine is long gone. thanks!
  6. trying to contact the guy in puyallup that does mechanical and sells parts because i misplaced his number. send me a message with your number, thanks!
  7. Guys I'm looking for vin # on a 1940 willys pickup. Their are 2 seperate tags on passenger cowl in front of door with different groups of numbers. A picture of a stock on would be awsome.this is for title purposes, need all my ducks in a row before I begin process as it can be a huge headache if you don't. Thanks!
  8. mine runs quiet and i'm hoping this electronic conversion will have my lift running properly because it sure is handy!
  9. can a chrysler industrial engines vintage be identified by casting numbers?
  10. Vintage Power Wagons had manual for earlier engines and mostly for the vehicles but it was worth a try. i have seen manuals online just want one for my engine. my lift is ex navy and could have different vintage engine in it.
  11. on the tag it says model is 30! link to manual would be great if it covered model 30. thanks.
  12. just hoping to nail down way to tell what year my engine is so i purchase the correct manual since i'm not familiar with these industrial engines. i made a few calls to folks that deal with these engines and would like more possible info before spending any cash. Vintage Power Wagons sounds like good source and i will check them out.
  13. what years did they produce the model 30? i have forklift and would like a manual for it. thanks
  14. does anyone have any info on Mandeville Motors in 1940? Looks like the 40 was shipped on May 8th 1940, does anyone know where the Dealer was? built May 1st 1940. cool to have the archive info on car, having build sheet is very helpful. $20 is a steal for this info!:cool:
  15. does anyone have the actual colors for restoration of these?
  16. i didn't read where any criminal activities had happened! their is legitimate companies that in california are licensed. the one i use has sacramento calling them about current laws and they bill out to them as consultants! can't get more legitimate than that!
  17. you have to have complete running car that has been inspected by the state patrol BEFORE they will let you apply for a bonded title! never was that way before and this info was given to me by a friend 2 days ago! i had been doing the 3 year bonded titles for 35 years but no more, no title no sale! bum deal!
  18. when i lived in California it was easy to get titles for vintage vehicles simply use title service, less than $200 and done! Now i'm back in washington state and the new laws make it a pain!
  19. finally contacted Benson Ford Center and when i send them $20 i will get info on car! finally asked about price of car and next week spend couple days doing inventory on 62 years of parts collecting plus taking LOTS of pictures! should prove interesting!
  20. Does anyone have any pictures of those parts? Where are Boos Herrell located?
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