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  1. I got the front window out, the dash does not come out. little trouble with the outside roof steel liner. I'm pretty solid on jade green and white stripe, its the color i've always really liked, kept coming back to it and now it seems like the right colors (the old add its the color combo and the car is the jade green on a car for reference). That interior is just perfect and it goes with the green, plus its an all original look. The inter in the picture is a standard sedan, the inter of a sport sedan has all polished steel column covers and has a ring around the top of polished steel. In the
  2. Also I bought the assembly manual, my car came with a "shock absorber unit" option does anyone know what that is or is it just the technical term for shock? Any advice for taking the dash out? Going to take out the front window tomorrow and get a better look. If the dash doesn't come out I am going to have to pick a colors pretty quick, so if anyone lives in phoenix and has a 60 impala white (with two tones or mono) or a fairly original green and original-ish interior I would like to see it.
  3. I'm taking the dash apart today, just got the steering column out things are looking less messy... I'm going to have the underside of the dash painted white so I can see under it, this simi black grease rust dust look is just not for me. Anyway I need transmission advice. I would like a six speed (four speed two overdrives) automatic, a five or six speed manual (with an overdrive or two) is fine to. I thought of using a four speed with a gearvenders... I have doubts about GV (it's adding another unit of electronics and gears that gets me, just seems like something more that could go wrong). I
  4. I am working on a 1960 Impala Sport Sudan (http://forums.aaca.org/f190/1960-impala-sport-sudan-376523.html), I am going to have it striped with body and frame separate in a few months. I had this idea of getting the car acid bathed and then E coated (both the full dip). I want the car to last for 80 years and be driven to the grave in the thing. Well acid is a great idea and cost $$$$, except I can't find a place near or in Phoenix that does E-coating for the public. Which means it would have to be painted in primer (likely epoxy) and what could not be painted would be flash rusted bare metal.
  5. Thanks joe it's a lot of work, I will get one in a few days from my gramps shop. I wanna use a different head when I am putting it back or a grade 9 scerw.
  6. Now its a two door. These doors are hard to take apart, gonna try again later. They are also hard to remove most of the philips heads are frozen, definitely getting new bolts.
  7. I had to grind the upper A frame off (the bar that holds it to the frame technically) I have it stripped down to the cab but the picture will not load lots of work Is it still a four door impala if it has no doors?
  8. Picture time of the day That is the A frame from hall that is not removable, one bolt holds it in place. I had a jack on a wedge lift the car and could not remove it.
  9. Who here knows a place that will do an acid dip in Phoenix (or the closest place to)? Does anyone know any reason why this car should not be acid bathed? Just want to make sure. There is little I know about paint so it was thinking that I could get the final paint baked on after the acid bath so it is hard like my truck paint. Any thoughts? I am not frimilar with different paint types eathir.
  10. A few years ago I got this car (pictures at a later time) with my grandfather as my project car as family tradition is to get a project car. I fell in love with it: big back window, boat of a car, four door, long fins, unique, and chrome. This was somebody else's failed project. This car has gotten bigger as i see how much work and money it is, gave up on it for two years until i was ready. Rear end is completely done with checked out differential, engine removed, front suspension off and some other small things. The outcome: - fully functional - mechanically sound - no future problems ( I hav
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