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    petrolhead since a I was a nipper. do fishing, mountain biking, outdoors, owned a couple ford Populars (English) a 54 dodge and 51 Plymouth bodied Desoto. + others.
  1. Hey Roberto, Thank you !!.. yes I am looking forward finishing this old coupe. I am folding new floor sections at work and have a little of the rust repairs (bottom of one door) I would like to get the body measurements and panels finished before I start the frame Gracias por tu aliento, me tomo algunas fotos que me han hecho progresos un gran día Alex
  2. hi all... Ive recently joined this site.. I am wondering if theres anyone around who would be happy help with some measurements for my coupe. as per the photo , some errant soul has cut off the whole trunk/boot section .. I would like to rebuild it. parts here in new zealand are hard to find.( although I need to look a bit harder) what I need is the length from the back of the door - opening. the height of the rear panel to the trunk lid . - above the fuel tank. and the width from left to right above the tank. the thickness or depth of the trunk lid also if not to much bother, are the side panels curved -- from top curve down to the to frame or just flat sheet ? thanks in advance .. it will me something to work with and not guess .... Alex
  3. picture of the only wood frame work other door is the same , but nothing down the A pillar. only other wood are remnants of the roof.
  4. Mike there is some excellent info there, and will take some time to get through ... my old girl , has wood around the doors, looking at it I think more for tacking the upholstery to, as the doors seem solid enough without the wood seem to have an internal frame -- no outer skin tacked to a wooden frame . and 1 stick that seems to run the length of the "A" pillar. Other than the frame for the top that's it ,, will post a pic here later today .... Al
  5. one ive used a couple times now, and it was great for a seized block (engine re-conditioners had given up on this block!) was 1/3.1/3.1/3. Mineral turpentine, Brake fluid and engine oil -like 15/40 ..... I let it sit for around 30minutes, and a not - too - many - forceful whacks with a block of wood and hammer later had the culprit out..... unfortunately the engine co turkey strangler that had given up trying to get the piston out had used a big screw-driver at some point and had seriously gouged the wall ........ al
  6. ok have bought a gas tank for my coupe. I would like to remove the gauge, so I can do a resto on it .. seems as if its threaded and removable, is the bezel left or right hand thread? I don't want to break the glass by over tightening it thanks Al
  7. this is my new (old project ) ... 22/23 dodge bros coupe .. it is missing the 'upe' if I can find a trunk lid, and a list of body measurements, I reckon I can build the rest ive have located a gas tank in great condition.. next step is to rebuild the floor. finally buying the sheet early next week .... this old girl has a 22 hood, but very limited on internal wood and has been suggested shes a 23. sold to me as a 22 .. Al
  8. hi everyone,, thought id sign up as im looking to buy a 1922 dodge business coupe. poor old thing is pretty ragged round the edges, and is missing the trunk completely ...... there will be a few headaches I guess ,, so looking for advice, thoughts and probably some parts ..... Thanks and happy days to all Al